Minecraft Survival Island Seeds 1.8.8

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This is a list of some Minecraft 1.8.8 survival island seeds. Each of these island seeds have been tested for 1.8.8 and should work on many other versions as well.

There are very many 1.8.8 survival island seeds, with enough searching. While island seeds are still common, 1.8.8 survival island seeds aren't. Any version from 1.7 and up usually have many other island nearby. It's very rare to find a Minecraft 1.8.8 island seed where players start on an island that's out in the middle of nowhere. This 1.8.8 survival island seed list has both survival island seeds and normal island seeds for this version. Be sure to check out the rest of the Minecraft seeds too.

Minecraft 1.8.8 Survival Island Seeds

Cool hilly 1.8.8 island seed with scary fake cave entrance

Minecraft 1.8.8 survival island seed with big hill and trees.jpg

This is a really interesting Minecraft 1.8.8 survival island seed. There's a big hill which is the island. At the top of the hill is a small fake entrance to something. It really looks like there should be a cave entrance at the top of the hill. It's really scary and ominous, it feels like there used to be something creepy going on under this island.

There might be another island nearby somewhere, but for the most part this is a singular 1.8.8 island seed. There are a few trees on the island, and no animals. There's some grass to create a wheat farm with, but not very much. This is definitely a difficult island to survive one, but not the most difficult island seed by a long shot.

Great island seed 1.8.8 with river splitting down the middle of the islands

Minecraft 1.8.8 island seed with beautiful river splitting down the middle of the islands.jpg

This is a really great Minecraft 1.8.8 survival island seed with about as many fun things to do as any other awesome Minecraft Seed. This place has a beautiful river running down the middle of the islands which split them up. This 1.8.8 island seed has animals that start on the island. There are enough trees to eat apples for the Minecraft vegetarians out there. If that's not enough, don't forget about cutting the grass and planting wheat for nourishment, as well as food for the animals. This is another one of many cool 1.8.8 survival island seeds.

Minecraft 1.8.8 survival island seed with a twist: mountain biome islands seed

Minecraft Mountain seed 1.8.8 island seed with extreme hills mountains island.jpg

This place is actually very interesting because it's an island that's of the extreme hills biome type. This island isn't much bigger than the screenshot seen above. There's one active lava flow, two plateaus (one floating), no animals, few trees, grass, and probably many caves to explore. Great adventures await players courages enough to take on the challenges of managing such a massive island.

This 1.8.8 Minecraft island seed is very scary at night. There are many monsters that can appear because of the sheer size of this giant 1.8.8 island seed. On the bright side there are lots of exposed coal blocks on the sides of some of the hills. On top of that there are two floating plateau's, one for a small house, and one for a big Minecraft house. This place is a fantastic 1.8.8 Minecraft survival island.

1.8.8 Minecraft island seed paradise with private river and freshwater lake

Minecraft paradise island seed 1.8.8 with river, lake, animals, everything.jpg

Here's a great Minecraft 1.8.8 survival island seed for people who want either a paradise island, or an island with a freshwater lake. It's actually fairly rare to have a water source (other than the ocean) on smaller island seeds.

This place is really something else. It's so easy to survive here, especially if the right animals appear at the start. This cool island seed is a perfect start for any 1.8.8 island enthusiast. Some people actually do want small islands with one to three trees, and vice versa. This island seed is definitely not for players who want a survival challenge on an island. Some players really love this particular Minecraft survival island seed.

All around cool seed, 1.8.8 survival island seed with ocean monument and more

2Minecraft mountain adventure island seed 1.8.8 with ocean monument and caves.jpg

Not all island seed are alike, and this Minecraft 1.8.8 island seed is definitely different. This island is pretty big, with many trees, maybe some animals, and a few dead-end caves. There are two barren, outlying islands in plain sight. This place has an abundance of resources, and even gold blocks in the ocean monument.

This is a really cool 1.8.8 Minecraft seed with a lot of survival/creative potential. The whole island is a big hill, it's really neat. It's awesome how the ocean monument is so close to the short of the already cool island seed.

Places like this island are really rare. Finding such an odd mixture of fun elements in this 1.8.8 survival island was very interesting. When such fun pieces of Minecraft come together in such a way as in this seed, it's really interesting. This is a really cool 1.8.8 survival island.

Big 1.8.8 forest island seed

Minecraft forest island seed 1.8.8.jpg

This is a really awesome Minecraft 1.8.8 forest island seed. Players start off on a really big island seed that is a forest. There's one side of the island that's elevated and it looks really cool. The abundance of trees makes it easy to survive off apples, but it probably won't be necessary since animals usually spawn on the island at the start.

There's one giant hold in the island that leads down into the ground. There are also a bunch of flowers in the middle of the island which is a nice touch. There aren't any other islands in immediate sight of the village which makes it feel like a pretty private 1.8.8 Minecraft island seed.