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This page is a continuation of Minecraft survival island seeds.

1.8.4 Minecraft two island survival seed 1.8.4 with pigs and trees

Minecraft 1.8.4 survival island seed with pigs and trees islands.jpg

This is a really fun Minecraft 1.8.4 island seed adventure. This one has two moderate sized Minecraft 1.8.4 islands, one with pigs and grass, another with tons of trees. The one island is perfect for ranching pigs and growing wheat for pig breeding. The other Minecraft island is great for collecting trees and creating an apple orchard.

It really is a fun Minecraft island seed when you can connect two islands with bridges and use them both for different purposes. Making fun survival creations shouldn't be difficult on such a high resource Minecraft island seed. There's so much free food and wood, it's hard to know what to do with it. This is one of the best Minecraft island seeds.

1.8.4 Minecraft 1.8.4 island seed with ocean monument and trees

Minecraft island seed 1.8.4 with ocean monument and lots of trees.jpg

Here's another wonderful Minecraft island seed 1.8.4 with an ocean monument to have. There are so many trees on the tiny Minecraft island seed that it's easy to just relax and survive. There's always something to do on this Minecraft island seed, especially if players stay on the island and make an orchard.

Exploring the ocean monument isn't always easy as there are giant fish guarding it. If players are able to venture into the temple and survive, they can find gold blocks inside. In total there should be 8 gold blocks to collect from any ocean monument.

Other than that it's just a great island to spread the dirt out and grow some trees. There are other small islands not too far off for players to hop between. Other than that it's quaint and fun little Minecraft 1.8.4 island seed.

1.8.4 Minecraft 1.8.4 island seed for pig and chicken breeding

Minecraft 1.8.4 island seed with pigs and chickens and trees.jpg

This is what everyone wants when they don't want to try hard to survive on a Minecraft 1.8.4 island seed. This one has pigs, chickens, and a ton of trees. There are too many trees to even count on this island seed.

While the trees are nice, there should be some grass or wheat seeds to collect throughout the island, which can be used to breed the pigs and chickens. What a fun Minecraft island seed when players can breed chickens and pigs on their very own island. This is the ultimate island getaway for anyone who wants to be an animal rancher. Another great Minecraft island seed.

1.8.4 Minecraft survival island seed with generic tree start

Minecraft 1.8.4 survival island seed with generic trees and flowers.jpg

Here is another great Minecraft island seed for the world generator. This one is a generic survival island experience for once. This one only has a few trees, some flowers, and dirt. This island is going to have to be spread out to grow an apple orchard in order to survive.

There are some other islands nearby that players can hop around to if they desire. It's more fun to just stay on the one island and wait for the trees to grow to collect apples with. Making an orchard is boring, but a fun way to survive and Minecraft island seed adventures.

1.8.4 Minecraft island seed with no trees by an ocean monument

Minecraft 1.8.4 water temple seed with ocean monument by island seed.jpg

Here's another Minecraft island seed to try out. This is one without any trees, but the catch is that there's a Minecraft 1.8.4 water temple seed attached. This ocean monument has 8 golden blocks guarded by a series of dangerous Minecraft 1.8.4 fish.

There are other survival islands nearby, some with trees, some without. Players can find wood eventually while island hopping on this Minecraft survival island seed. There are plenty of relaxed island adventures to have on this cool Minecraft island seed.

1.8.4 Minecraft forest island seed with animals no other islands

Minecraft forest island seed 1.8.4 middle of nowhere survival island.jpg

That's right, this Minecraft 1.8.4 island seed is a forest island with no other islands anywhere nearby. If players want to get off the island they have to sail or swim all the way until they reach the mainland. This is a true 1.8.4 Minecraft survival island seed.

The difference with this survival island seed is that it's not very difficult to actually survive. Between chickens, pigs, and sheep, players can easily survive. Chickens are the best source of food on an island since throwing their eggs has a one in eight chance of hatching chickens. This means that chickens require no food to reproduce, even though the island is chocked full of grass to cultivate wheat from.

1.9 Really big Minecraft 1.9 island seed

Big Minecraft 1.9 survival island seed with forest and plains.jpg

This is a really interesting two part Minecraft 1.9 island seed. There's a big plains island with plenty of grass for wheat seeds. This island is connected to another big island with a bunch of trees. This place is like an island paradise, it's not very hard to survive. There are plenty of resources to use in this awesome 1.9 Minecraft survival island seed.

1.9 Small Minecraft survival island seed 1.9

Minecraft survival island seed 1.9 with a few trees.jpg

This Minecraft 1.9 seed is a pretty generic Minecraft survival island seed. This is a fairly small island with only a handful of trees. There is a limited amount of dirt and grass seed to use. This is one of those Minecraft island seeds 1.9 that require a lot of apple orchards and wheat farms to survive. This is another fun Minecraft island seed.

1.8.8 big forest island seed

Minecraft forest island seed 1.8.8.jpg

This is a cool Minecraft survival island seed 1.8.8 where players start on a giant forest island with tons of trees. There's also one side of the island that's elevated and looks really cool. There are a bunch of flower in the middle of the island, and animals usually spawn on this island which makes it a very easy 1.8.8 Minecraft island seed to survive on. Overall this is another really awesome Minecraft survival island seed.

1.9 Minecraft 1.9 survival island seed by ocean monument

Minecraft 1.9 survival island seed by ocean monument with handful of trees.jpg

This is a really awesome Minecraft 1.9 island seed to try out. Players start off on a medium sized island with a only a few trees to try to survive on. There's plenty of farmland to grow wheat on, and with time the trees could be used to grow apples. There's definitely enough wood to make a boat and try to sail around and explore. This is one of many different islands in this Minecraft 1.9 survival island seed. This particular island is the furthest away from the whole chain of islands. There's also an ocean monument right off the shore of the island which gives this Minecraft 1.9 seed some good long-term play potential.

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