Minecraft Survival Island Seed 1.8.2 - One Ocean Monument

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Survival island ocean monument seed with tons of islands Minecraft 1.8.2.png

Minecraft Survival Island Seed 1.8.2 with and Ocean Monument near by

This is a Minecraft survival island seed for 1.8.2 but it works for any Minecraft version 1.7 and above.

This is an island seed with quite a few islands, and with an ocean monument near by! Theres a tundra biome to the west ; however, who cares! There's a couple of trees and rabbits on the first island. The rest of the islands are pretty barren. It's actually a pretty fun Minecraft seed.

Seed number: 6912228875643043167

The coordinates of the ocean monument are x150 z200 which is right near the spawn.