Minecraft Survival Island Seed 1.8.2 - One Island with an Ocean Monument

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Wolf infested survival island ocean monument seed Minecraft 1.8.2.png

Minecraft Survival Island Seed 1.8.1 with one island and an ocean monument!

This is a Minecraft survival island seed for 1.8.2 but it works for any Minecraft version 1.7 and above.

This is a single stand alone island with trees, wolves, and a wonderful ocean view(all the amenities of home)! I don't know much of what you can do with wolves without bones and meat to tame and feed them but, oh well they make for good scenery! If you somehow get bored(impossible!?!?!?), if you go to the north east a ways there's the mainland but, who'd want to go there!? Well, hope you have fun and I wish you the best of luck on your island adventures!

The ocean monument from the seed

Seed number: 3854556177424684123

The coordinates of the ocean monument are x217 z312 which is right near the spawn. Overall this is actually a pretty awesome Minecraft seed.