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Here are some really good 1.11 Minecraft seeds to play around with. This list has all sorts of different Minecraft 1.11 seeds, from Minecraft village seeds, to Minecraft island seeds, and much more. There's even the addition of a new type of building in this verison, Minecraft 1.11 woodland mansion seeds. There are these and so much more to play with below.

Minecraft 1.11 seeds

Minecraft 1.11 village seed at spawn with cartographer and lookout tower lighthouse

Minecraft 1.11 village seed with catographer and ocean lookout tower.jpg

This is an excellent Minecraft 1.11 village seed. The starting point is right around an ocean pier that's connected to the road that runs through the village. This village is pretty large with a lookout tower that looks out at the ocean. This would be an excellent place to upgrade into a Minecraft 1.11 lighthouse.

There's the brand new cartographer villager in this village who should sell maps. Threre's also a second Minecraft village to the north east. Just follow the border of desert and plains to find a small desert village. It's nothing too special, but still pretty cool. This is a fun Minecraft 1.11 seed to see a few of the new features that were added in this version.

Minecraft 1.11 desert temple seed built into a giant village

Minecraft 1.11 desert temple seed built into village.jpg

This is a really cool Minecraft 1.11 seed with a massive village with the desert temple built right in. The temple has two saddles and a diamond. Other than those two items the temple doesn't really have anything too special.

The village is pretty cool. There's one house up on a hill where its fenced in backyard is basically a balcony hanging over the edge. There are also many farms in this village which means plenty of free food. Also the large number of villagers makes for a lot of good fun in this awesome Minecraft 1.11 seed.

Minecraft llama seed 1.11 next to forest village

Minecraft 1.11 forest village llama seed.jpg

Llama seeds are new in 1.11 Minecraft and here's a great one to try out. A couple hundred blocks from the start is this magical looking forest village with a mountain right beside it. Right up the hill are a ton of llamas to work with. This is one of the most fun Minecraft 1.11 seeds for llamas. It's just a perfect place to create a good Minecraft 1.11 house and tame some llamas for a caravan.

There are also pletny of other cool biomes nearby. There's plenty of roofed forest nearby, and even a pretty big lake all around the village. One final note about the village, there's actually a road leading up the hill to the llamas, almost as if it were intended to be that way. It seems like the villagers know the llamas are up there and made a road leading up to them over time.

Minecraft 1.11 island seed with some pigs

Minecraft 1.11 island seed with pigs.jpg

Here's a new 1.11 Minecraft island seed. This one starts players on a long and skinny island with a few trees. This is an easy Minecraft 1.11 island seed to survive one because it starts with pigs. Starvation is probably not an option on this island unless someone tries.

There are a few other islands to hop around to from this one. It's hard to find islands that are in the middle of nowhere in Minecraft now days. Overall though, this is a pretty fun Minecraft island seed.

Minecraft ocean monument seed 1.11 with two monuments

Minecraft 1.11 ocean monument seed with two monuments.jpg

This is one of the more interesting Minecraft 1.11 seeds where players start off on a small island just out of sight of two ocean monuments. There are actually two different ocean monuments in sight of one another. These monuments reward players with gold blocks if they can best the monsters inside.

It's a very cool Minecraft seed. Players also start off on a small survival island with some pigs and a few trees. This one's definitely worth checking out for anyone who hasn't played around with ocean monumenets yet.