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This is a continuation of the Minecraft savanna seeds list.

1.8.3 Cool Minecraft savanna village at start

Minecraft village seed five villages three temples diamonds cows ponds lakes savanna awesome cool best fun amazing.jpg

Need a fun Minecraft savanna seed? This is a good Minecraft savanna seed with a fun sized savanna village right nearby. It's surrounded by a small bit of savanna hills, which makes it look like a natural stronghold. There's also a lake right nearby and a river, making it a quaint Minecraft savanna seed with a village.

There's more though, this Minecraft 1.8.3 savanna seed goes on for a while and also contains plenty of other villages, and even desert temple to explore. There are plenty of diamonds between all the different structures, and plenty more to explore. The Minecraft 1.8.3 adventures could go on for ages on such an expansive Minecraft seed with so many villages and naturally generated structures.

1.8.4 Minecraft 1.8.4 savanna seed with villages and temples

Minecraft 1.8.4 savanna seed with villages temples diamonds horse armor saddle villagers.jpg

This is a great Minecraft 1.8.4 savanna seed with a village right at the seed spawn. This village is huge and sprawls up the side of the savanna hill. Right nearby are some plains and a desert. Out in the desert players can find a second village right next to a desert temple. This particular desert temple is cool because it has three diamonds, a saddle, and one diamond horse armor to get players started. If there are any horses around then this seed gets that much better for capturing horses.

This Minecraft 1.8.4 savanna has hills on either side of the village and extends on for a ways. The biome is sandwiched between the plains and desert which makes the biome narrow at the point of the village. It's a really cool savanna seed with tons of adventures to have and even a second desert temple lost out in the desert.

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