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This is a beautiful savanna biome seed

This is a Minecraft seeds page for listing Minecraft Savannah Seeds. These biomes are nice because they offer a good mix between plains, desert, and forest.

Minecraft savannah seeds often times include villages as well, seeing as how they can spawn in savannah's. Not only this but savannah mountains aren't uncommon, and usually look really cool. It's too bad Minecraft hasn't added lions and gazelle's to the savannah biomes, that would be fun.

The savanna hills biomes are extreme interesting. Sometimes even giant mountains can be found in the savanna biomes, and they're usually totally out of place. Savanna hills often have savanna forests on top too.

Other than villages and mountains, savannah biomes don't have much else. They're kind of dull and dead looking compared to plains, and are a nice addition to the list of Minecraft biomes.

Minecraft savanna seeds

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1.8.1 Cool savanna village seed for 1.8.1

Minecraft savanna seed 1.8.3 by plains and desert with rivers running through and village.jpg

The spawn point for this Minecraft savanna seed is right by a savanna. This village also has a saddle which makes it a potential horse taming village. This savanna biome goes on for a while. There are tons of fun savanna adventures players can enjoy on such a cool savanna seed.

1.7.10 Tri biome savanna seed with village near mountains

Massive Minecraft savanna seed 1.8.3 epic mountains and desert multibiome village.jpg

This Minecraft savanna seed, players spawn at the an intersection between a savanna, desert, and grasslands. There are extreme hills nearby to explore, as well as the whole savanna. There's a village out by a roofed forest, and plenty more adventures to be had on this cool Minecraft 1.7.10 savanna seed.

1.7.10 Savanna Mountain village seed 1.7.10

Minecraft savanna seed 1.8.3 mountain desert and other biomes sheep village.jpg

This Minecraft savanna seed spawns players near a village which is directly next to a mountain and a desert. It's one of those seed spawns where biomes converge. There's probably more biomes to be found than just this. The savanna mountain is an interesting feature to climb and build upon. Have fun with this Minecraft savanna mountain seed with a village.

1.7.10+ Savanna village with natural zombies

Minecraft 1.8 savanna seed with natural zombie death and daytime zombie attacks.jpg

Zombies constantly pour out of the village in this Minecraft savanna seed. There are holes everywhere that lead to dungeons and monsters come out during the day! This is one intense Minecraft seed. This might as well be a monster spawner seed. There are so many monsters popping out of the ground at random times, it makes it extremely difficult to defend such a beautiful village seed.

1.8.2 Spawn in savanna by desert village island

Minecraft 1.7.10 savanna seed with peninsula savanna by desert islands.jpg

This savanna seed spawns players in a savanna biome, right near a village island with fifteen diamonds underneath. There are also two ocean monuments. While the island is a desert island, right at the initial seed spawn is a savanna. This savanna goes on for quite a ways and has some interesting hills, rivers, and more. Have fun exploring this fun Minecraft savanna seed.

1.8.2 Savanna cave village at spawn

Village seed3 -1793484691.png

On this epic savanna seed there's a village right at the spawn with three iron chestplates that are perfect for the caves right in the village. There's a second village nearby and savanna mountains somewhere too. Those three iron chestplates make it easy to explore this Minecraft savanna seed at night without feat of getting exploded.

1.8.2 Savanna mountain near village and temple

Village seed6 890679926.png

Savanna mountains are super cool. This Minecraft savanna seed has one right next to a village and a desert temple which has three diamonds inside of it. The savanna mountains can sometimes be the tallest Minecraft mountains in the game. While usually savanna mountains don't extend for a while, it is possible to find savanna mountain ranges. In this Minecraft savanna seed, there's only one big savanna mountain, and it's pretty cool.

1.8.2 Village at spawn right beside a savanna biome

Grassland village seed by savanna 1.8.2.png

This village seed spawns players right at a plains village with a savanna biome right there in plain sight. There's one saddle and one iron horse armor in the village and some taiga nearby too, without snow. Some deep forest exist nearby as well for giant mushrooms. This is quaint little Minecraft savanna seed. It's also a really interesting seed spawn. The river passing by the village with the savanna in the foreground makes for a beautiful picture.

1.8.2 Savanna biome out near NPC desert village seed 1.8.2

Minecraft 1.8.3 savanna seed by desert temple and village desert.jpg

Right at the spawn is a forest, and a desert temple. Out in the desert is a village without the blacksmith. From there players can find savanna, forest, and taiga nearby. The savanna shouldn't be too hard to find if players follow the border of the desert. It's a pretty interesting Minecraft savanna seed.

1.8.3 Cool Minecraft savanna seed 1.8.3 with three villages

Cool Minecraft seed 1.8.3 three in sight villages, diamonds, desert temple seeds.png

This is an awesome Minecraft 1.8.3 savanna seed with three villages in sight of each other from one viewpoint. Players can also find two desert temples on this seed, both of which are nearby. One of these two desert temples has three diamonds in it as well.

There's also a spider spawner out in the desert with the top exposed so players can just jump right down into it. This could potentially be a valuable natural resource to take advantage of. The initial spawn is a little off from the villages, but other than that it's just a really cool Minecraft seed.

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