Minecraft Roofed Forest Seeds

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A section of deep forest biome

Here is a dedicated Minecraft seeds page for deep forest seeds. These biomes have bigger trees than normal forests, and boast giant mushrooms mixed in.

These Minecraft deep forest seeds are interesting because the forest is so thick that monsters can spawn in it. Deep forests are the most dangerous natural biome in all of Minecraft. Not only is it difficult to maneuver around the thick forest trees, but the creepers, archers, and zombies mixed in can be extremely dangerous.

The giant mushrooms are nice however, they're the bounty to acquire from fighting through the deep forests. With these mushrooms players can grow more giant mushrooms, or make mushroom soup for nourishment. Overall these are probably the most fun variant of forest seeds to play on.

Roofed forest seeds

1.8.1 Roofed forest surrounding village at spawn

Minecraft 1.8.3 roofed forest seed surrounded deep forest giant mushrooms trees monsters.jpg

Great roofed forest seed for Minecraft 1.8.2 because it spawns players in a tiny patch of plains biome. To make it even better this super tiny patch of plains biomes just happens to have a village in it even though it's surrounded on ALL sides by forests. This is one of the rare roofed forest village seeds of Minecraft 1.8.1.

1.7.10 Deep forest village seed by extreme hills

Minecraft roofed forest seed 1.8.3 village hidden in trees forest river mountain hills lake.jpg

This Minecraft roofed forest seed has some deep forests right by a village and there's even a creepy cave hole next to the minecraft village in this awesome seed. Players spawn right by a tri-biome section where grasslands, desert, and savanna all meet up.

1.7.10 Tiny village by deep forest

Minecraft 1.8.3 roofed forest seed with giant mushrooms cows horses small tiny village.jpg

This Minecraft village seed spawns players right next to a deep forest biome, which is directly next to the tiny village. There's a swampland on the other side of the village, and more biomes nearby. This is one of the more interesting Minecraft 1.7.10 roofed forest seeds.

1/4/2015 - 1.8.2 Deep forest village with three diamonds

Minecraft roofed forest 1.8.3 seed with extreme hills, villages, plains and more.jpg

This seed spawns players by extreme hills and deep forest. If they follow the forest it should lead to a 3 diamond village seed with caves underneath. Might as well start off a Minecraft roofed forest seed with a village, it really makes it a neat Minecraft seed.

1.8.2 Deep forest 1.8.2 with a village

Minecraft roofed villaged forest seed 1.8.3 with spawner in village roofed forest mushrooms.jpg

The most interesting part of this deep forest seed is the fact that there's a village in the middle of it. There's also a spider spawner in the village for string. Then on top of that there's a natural port built in for fishing. This place is dangerous though as deep forests spawn monsters. Be careful on this Minecraft deep forest seed.

1.8.2 Roofed Forest near tiny village

Village seed5 -4890512220177075500.png

This cool roofed forest seed spawns players pretty close to a roofed forest. With enough exploration there's a tiny village with one blacksmith, one house, and one farm near a roofed forest relatively close to the spawn point in this 1.8.2 roofed forest seed.

1.8.8 Minecraft roofed forest seed with tiny village

Small Minecraft village seed 1.8.8 with farm and private lake.jpg

This is a really cool Minecraft 1.8.8 roofed forest seed with plenty of roofed forest to explore. Players start near a small village hidden by roofed forest. There's a private lake, and the only exit from this opening is a desert. This is a really cool Minecraft 1.8.8 seed for roofed forest with plenty to explore. There are even some animals by the village for food. This is a pretty scary looking place at night so be sure to get ready for nightfall. Another pretty cool Minecraft seed.