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This is a big list of all the Minecraft plains seeds that are Minecraft 1.8.4 compatible. These Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seeds may not always lead to a page about Minecraft 1.8.4, but that's okay, because if it's on this list it works on Minecraft 1.8.4 as well.

Plains are those grass covered biomes with very sparse amounts of trees. Most often players can find forests near plains biomes, and sometimes even mixed in. In Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed everything should be the same as they were in any other Minecraft 1.8 update. Sometimes Minecraft plains seeds 1.8.4 can be different if they're from before or after Minecraft 1.8 because that updated added a lot of different flowers into the game.

Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seeds

Here is a big list of all the 1.8.4 Minecraft plains seeds to choose from. There are plenty of Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seeds to go around.

Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed #1: Sunflower plains in the middle of nowhere

Minecraft sunflower seeds biome 1.8.3 with plains savanna desert and 6 diamonds temples.jpg

This is a fun Minecraft plains seed 1.8.4 to start things off with. This is an interesting plains seed because players start off in a small sunflower plains biome surrounded by other biomes. There are no more plains anywhere nearby, this is all there is, which is pretty cool honestly.

It's fun when Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seeds have something weird about them like this one. In this case it's almost a perfect circle of just sunflower plains for anyone to play around with. This would be a great spot to build something cool, like a castle in the plains, or anything else. There's also a desert temple nearby with some diamonds, and one across the water as well. There should be a Minecraft 1.8.4 village seed in this seed as well.

Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed #2: A tale of two Minecraft plains villages

Minecraft village seed 1.8.3 two village in sight forest plains biome spawn diamonds.jpg

Here's an interesting piece of Minecraft 1.8.4 real estate. This is a double village seed in a Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed. Both these villages are huge and are only separated by a thin tree line. This is one of the coolest Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seeds ever for this reason. This is probably one of the best Minecraft seeds ever.

Players don't start off in either of the village, but rather, a little ways away from the first one. From there it shouldn't be too hard to find the second one. There are some cave systems by the left village, and plenty of different Minecraft 1.8.4 houses.

If that's not enough, the plains goes out a ways with plenty more to explore eventually leading to forests, mountains, etc. While that's neat, the main appeal are the two villages in sight of each other by the spawn of the 1.8.4 Minecraft plains seed.

Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed #3: Tri-biome split at start between plains, savanna, and desert

Minecraft 1.8.3 plains seed at triple split with savanna and desert biomes mushrooms hills village.jpg

This 1.8.4 plains seed for Minecraft has three biomes converging at the start, including plains, savanna, and desert. This is an interesting seed because players start off at a biome split between so many biomes. There are even more in the nearby area including savanna mountains, extreme hills, roofed forest, villages, and more.

This is a really cool Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed even though the plains isn't the main focus. Players can choose to live on the plains or migrate over to a different biome, they're all ripe for picking. There are so many different options, this is a great Minecraft 1.8.4 seed for players who can't decide what biome they want, but they still want to get started.

Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed #4: Sunflower grasslands village seed

Minecraft 1.8.4 plains village seed sunflower plains flowers desert villages.jpg

This is an interesting one. This Minecraft 1.8.4 grasslands seed has players spawning in another sunflower plains biome; however, this one has a village right beside it. While the village isn't actually in the sunflower plains, it's as close as it gets. It might not be possible for villages to spawn literally in a sunflower plains biome, but this is as close it gets otherwise.

This Minecraft 1.8.4 field seed has no other plain attached, just desert, savanna, and hills. The village has no blacksmith, but the sunflower plains happen to have some sheep. These sheep are perfect for making a bed on this Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed for Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed #5: Horse taming plains village with saddle and diamond horse armor

Minecraft horse taming seed village with lava diamonds and armor saddle cool.jpg

This is a really cool Minecraft 1.8.4 grasslands seed with a village. This one doesn't spawn players directly near the village, but it's pretty close. Players actually seem to start in a desert biome.

Once players discover the village they'll notice either horses or donkeys everywhere depending on the version. The blacksmith has a saddle, which is required for taming horses, and some diamond horse armor, which will make the horse tough. This village is huge too, and sprawled out in this Minecraft plains seed 1.8.4.

There are two houses over a lava pit that can spontaneously burn down. Players can also use this lava pool as a prime source of obsidian for a 1.8.4 netherworld portal. There are plenty of villagers around for villager breeding, and an ocean nearby for exploration. This awesome 1.8.4 Minecraft plains seed feels like it has it all.

Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed #6: Saddle plains village by desert and ocean

Grassland village seed by savanna 1.8.2.png

How about this saddle village? This Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed isn't quite as good for horse taming as the one above, but players do spawn directly next to the village, and in the plains biome.

Players can find a saddle in the blacksmith of the village, which once some horses have been located, it can be used to tame horses. This is another interesting 1.8.4 plains seed for horses. While they aren't going to be easy to find necessarily, it's still nice to have the saddle just in case. Saddle's can no longer be crafted in Minecraft 1.8.4 and have to be looted from either a dungeon, village, or temple. Other than that it's a cool 1.8.4 plains seed for Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed #7: Diverse Minecraft plains seed 1.8.4 with swamps, sunflowers, mountains and more

Minecraft plains seed 1.8.4 swampland sunflower plains ocean forest taiga seed.jpg

This is a really neat Minecraft 1.8.4 seed for anyone who likes diversity in their 1.8.4 plains seeds. There are a bunch of different 1.8.4 biomes right nearby, including swamps, sunflower plains, mountains, forests, and more. The swamp/sunflower plains are right near the spawn. There's also an ocean view on the opposite side as all of this is on a 1.8.4 peninsula.

There are tons of animals on this seed for minecraft. Cows near the spawn, sheep in the swamp, and more. There are strange fissures and caves in some places in this 1.8.4 plains seed. The plains aren't super big but it's big enough to do some basic plains stuff. This is a super fun diverse Minecraft seed for 1.8.4 plains.

Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed #8: Super plains island seed with NPC village

Minecraft 1.8.4 village seed on plains island with pigs.jpg

This is definitely one of the coolest plains seeds for 1.8.4 because of the village. This is a village island seed set up on a plains biome. There aren't any trees on this entire island; however, there are 6 saplings in the blacksmith which players can use to populate this fun little island seed with plenty of trees for wood.

There are pigs everywhere on this island for food. Depending on the Minecraft version, there may be different animals. Players should have no problem finding enough food between all the animals, and all the grass on this 1.8.4 plains seed. This is one of the coolest 1.8.4 plains seeds for Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed #9: Beautiful flower plains seed 1.8.4 with sunflowers

Minecraft sunflower plains seed that's huge with animals and horses.png

This is a great 1.8.4 plains seed for flowers. Players start on the edge of one of the biggest sunflower plains biomes ever. On the far end of this cool biome there's actually a flower forest connected to the sunflower plains biome. The flower forest is equally as large as the sunflower plains.

This seed is a huge plains seed, even though the majority of it is covered in sunflowers. There are other biomes nearby to explore as well including forest, mountains, and even taiga. This is a pretty interesting seed for anyone who wants to play with Minecraft flowers. Other than that it's just an overall great seed for Minecraft.