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Plains biomes are rarely vast

This is another Minecraft seed page, this time reserved for listing Minecraft plains seeds. These particular seeds often include village considering that deserts and plains are the most common spawn locations for villages. Savanna's can also include villages, but not as often.

Plains are one of the most beautiful Minecraft seed types, other than extreme hills. These biomes are green and lush, and often contain plenty of animals, like horses and chickens. These biomes are the most generic, easy to play seeds in all of Minecraft.

Often times the plains biomes don't come big enough. More often then not, they merge into some other kind of biome. Finding a truly massive plains seed is actually extremely difficult. This list has a bunch of them, most with villages, and most of them at cool plains seeds too.

Minecraft plains seeds

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1.7.10 Spawn at three biomes Minecraft seed

Minecraft 1.8.3 plains seed at triple split with savanna and desert biomes mushrooms hills village.jpg

This Minecraft plains seed starts people off in at the intersection of three biomes. There are extreme hills nearby too as well as a deep forest village. While all of that's nice, the most relevant part is that this is a Minecraft plains seed with a section of plains biome right at the seed spawn. There's also a bit of forest in the background of the plains, aside from that there's plenty more to explore out and about. Tons of biomes converge at this interesting Minecraft plains seed.

1.7.10 Cool village seed, spawn at grassland savanna village

Minecraft 1.8 plains seed with horses savanna and desert forests water lake pond ocean.jpg

This plains seed starts off with a village, a lake, and a savanna nearby. While not all Minecraft plains seeds have village, why not have one? This one has some iron pants for players who are interested, also players can find desert and savanna biomes right nearby. This is a really diverse Minecraft plains seed.

1.7.10 Horse lovers dream village seed

Horse taming village seed 1.8.2.png

This grassland seed spawns players at a village with horses in it, a saddle, diamond horse armor, one diamond, and lava. This is one of the best horse taming villages in Minecraft and it's great because it doubles over as a Minecraft grasslands seed too. This lava filled, action packed adventure seed has tons of fun to have out in the plains.

1.8.2 Minecraft 1.8.2 double grassland village seed

Village seed4 5246789466573073575.png

Right where players spawn on this NPC village seed, there's a plains village. After that there's some stone hills and forests on the way to the second grasslands NPC village with water on both sides. The second one is much bigger and looks much nicer. This is a great Minecraft plains seed with one of the most beautiful Minecraft villages of all time. There's also tons of forest and plenty of grassland biome to explore.

1.8.2 Plains village at start

Village seed3 -1793484691.png

Double village seed with plains, savanna, and desert right at the spawn. There's a second village nearby, but the big village at spawn has three iron chestplates and plenty of caves to use them in right in the village. This is an interesting Minecraft plains seed because there are so many other features to the seed. There are three iron chestplates which make exploring the fields at night easy. This plains seed is one of the best out there for general exploration of the world.

1.8.2 Plains at spawn, village and temple nearby

Minecraft plains seeds 1.8.3 with desert nearby and plenty of forest and flowers.jpg

This Minecraft plains seed spawns players right at a plains / desert biome junction. Nearby in the desert is a village, a temple, three diamonds, and a savanna mountain. There are some cool horses to tame on this grassland seed, and plenty of trees to chop down. There's also a lot of flowers and even a three diamond temple near the epic savanna mountain. This is a cool Minecraft plains seed for all to enjoy. Plenty of Minecraft seed adventures to be had on this wonderful Minecraft world.

1.8.2 Spawn at plains village with 3 diamonds

Minecraft 1.8.3 plains seed with flower forest nearby and mesa biomes.jpg

Right at the spawn of this Minecraft plains seed there's a village at the edge of a plains biome. This village has three diamonds in the blacksmith. Other than that there's three desert temples and another village out in the desert. There's a total of six diamonds between all of them. It's extra features like those that make this plains seed extra special. There's not much extra to have in a plains biome other than some wicked caves and mineshafts. Fissures are also a common find in Minecraft plains seeds.

1.8.2 Plains village at spawn with saddle and horse armor

Grassland village seed by savanna 1.8.2.png

This plains village seed has a saddle and one iron horse armor. There are savanna biomes nearby, taiga biomes, and even roofed forest biomes. While there aren't any horses in the immediate area, the village with a saddle is a nice touch on this Minecraft grasslands seed. There are probably horses out there somewhere, and once tame, they'll make for great exploration vehicle for this giant plains seed.

1.8.3 Minecraft plains seed with two villages and flower forests

Minecraft village seed with flower forest 1.8.3 lakes and forest as well taiga blacksmith saddle.jpg

This Minecraft 1.8.3 plains seed starts players off in a forest, right by a plains biome. Right there in the plains biome is a village, which is right by a flower forest. The plains biome is fairly big for grasslands, and there's a second village nearby with a blacksmith. This second village has a saddle which makes horse taming possible. Other than that there's plenty of forest surrounding the plains and even a snowy taiga to the north.

1.8.3 Spawn in Minecraft Plains Seed with villages nearby

Minecraft village seed 1.8.3 two village in sight forest plains biome spawn diamonds.jpg

This is an interesting Minecraft 1.8.3 plains seed. This one starts players off in the middle of a small plains biome with a village nearly in sight. This village has a few interesting items like two diamonds. There's even a second village nearby in almost plain sight again. Between them both are some interesting items.

Other than that the plains section on this biome isn't super big, but plains usually aren't very big anymore anyway. This plains biome envelopes both villages and even leads to the ocean on one end. This is an awesome Minecraft plains seed to try out.

1.8.3 Minecraft 1.8.3 sunflower plains seed with savanna and desert nearby

Minecraft sunflower seeds plains 1.8.3 biome with savanna mountain desert temple diamonds.jpg

This one's a Minecraft 1.8.3 sunflower plains seed with other biomes nearby too. There's a savanna biome, a desert, an even a mushroom island somewhat nearby. This seed has two desert temples for 6 diamonds and one book of unbreaking III, not to mention all the gold and iron ingots.

It's really fun spawning in such a small patch of plains with nothing but sunflower on it. This biome's extremely rare and should keep you stocked up for a long time on 1.8.3 sunflower seeds.

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Minecraft plains seeds by version number

This is a small little sub-section that links to various pages that have seeds for exact Minecraft versions. From time to time seeds stop working on newer version updates thanks to small little updates. These plains seed lists have been tested compatible for the specific Minecraft version number.

Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seeds

This list is for all the 1.8.4 plains seeds. Check out the full 1.8.4 plains seeds list for the rest of the 1.8.4 compatible Minecraft plains seeds.

Minecraft 1.8.4 sunflower plains village seed

Minecraft 1.8.4 plains village seed sunflower plains flowers desert villages.jpg

Generally villages cannot be found in sunflower plains. This Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed is an exception. Players spawn in a sunflower plains seed with a desert village less than 25 blocks from the edge of the sunflower plains biome. This is close as a village has gotten yet to a sunflower plains seed.

This is the only section of plains in the immediate area. Other than the sunflower plains there are only desert and savanna. Players who want a bigger Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed should look for a different grassland seed than this one.

Minecraft grassland saddle village seed by desert and ocean

Grassland village seed by savanna 1.8.2.png

This is an interesting Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed with a village right at the spawn. This village has a blacksmith with some basic items, but most importantly it has a saddle. While there are no horses in the immediate area, there are bound to be some nearby. Saddles are extremely rare and can only be looted from villages, temples, dungeons, etc.

This is another great 1.8.4 plains seed for someone who doesn't like flowers as much as the one above. The plains go out for a little while, but it's still not the biggest plains seed ever. This is a good plains seed though for anyone who wants a Minecraft plains village to expand upon. Other than that it's a pretty generic ocean-side Minecraft plains seed... See more Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seeds