Minecraft PS4 two villages seed 1.39

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Minecraft PS4 double village seed at spawn.jpg

This is one of the best of the Minecraft PS4 seeds. In this awesome Minecraft seed players start off right near two villages that are in sight of each other! Both of these villages can be rendered in one single screen.

The seed is: 88888341

The best part about this Minecraft PS4 seed is the two villages. There are plenty of other fun things to find in this Minecraft seed on the PS4 because of the dramatically extended boundaries compared to Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds as an example.

These villages are fantastic for doing all sorts of creative endeavors. Players could connect the two villages with houses and turn this into a Minecraft PS4 city or town. Or simply connecting them with railroads may also be fun enough.

Finding two villages in one screen like this is extremely rare. On top of that the savanna village is actaully in the desert, which is pretty interesting. This is one of the best Minecraft PS4 seeds.