Minecraft PS4 mountain seed 1.39 with tiny village

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Minecraft PS4 tiny village seed by mountain.jpg

This is another one of the awesome Minecraft PS4 seeds to try out. This one is sort of a Minecraft mountain seed, and also a tiny village seed. It's interesting how tiny the village is, it's really an amazing seed for Minecraft.

The seed is: 2267980542769754

The village can be found at x70 z55. There are only two buildings in this Minecraft PS4 village with one of them being a blacksmith of all things!

The village is actually almost entirely floating on the water, which is pretty cool in and of itself. The blacksmith has some pretty generic stuff, just armor and maybe some food.

The mountain in the background is really cool looking. That mountain with the plateau on it is perfect for building some kind of structure, a Minecraft house, Minecraft castle, whatever sounds best. Overall this is a well rounded and fun one of the Minecraft PS4 seeds.