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Minecraft PS4 Seeds are important to any game of Minecraft. Without a good Minecraft seed, any Minecraft adventure can be very lackluster. It's important to find a good PS4 seed for Minecraft before committing to playing on one world.

The boundaries of the map are dramatically bigger than on Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds, supposedly the map is 36 times larger. Generally the seeds are the same as on the other consoles, but they're totally different than PC. None of the PC Minecraft seeds will work as PS4 Minecraft seeds. Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds are also incompatible with all other versions of Minecraft.

The list below contains multiple good Minecraft PS4 seeds to try out. There's a little bit of everything below, from villages, to mushroom islands, and so on. The maps are so large now on PS4 that the seeds mainly focus on what's near the starting area. Players can generally find anything they're looking for if they look far enough in a map, but not always. Some of the rarer biomes might not be in a Minecraft PS4 seed because of the limited size.

Below are summaries of the seeds, click on the title or image to learn more about any specific Minecraft PS4 seed.

Minecraft PS4 Seeds

Minecraft PS4 seeds - double village

Minecraft PS4 double village seed at spawn.jpg

This is one of the best Minecraft PS4 seeds for villages. Players start off right next two villages that can be loaded into one screen. It's extremely rare to find a Minecraft village seed with two villages in sight of each other like that.

Having two villages near each other like this is a nice set up for a lot of creative ideas. It's a great seed to play with friends. There's also plenty of more map to explore because of the increased map size on the Minecraft PS4 seeds.

Minecraft PS4 jungle seed

Minecraft PS4 jungle seed 1.39 at spawn.jpg

Here's a Minecraft PS4 jungle seed to try out. Some people really like jungles in Minecraft, so this is for them. They're really cool because of the massive trees. Ocelots can only be found in jungles, and they can actually be tamed.

Jungle temples can also be found in Minecraft PS4 jungle seeds. Cocoa is also only found in jungles. These environments are the only ones that have underbrush growths, which is interesting. Jungle seeds are really interesting for all these reasons. This jungle seed is great, it's got a pretty large jungle to explore.

Minecraft PS4 mountain seed with tiny village

Minecraft PS4 tiny village seed by mountain.jpg

This is an interesting and cool seed for Minecraft PS4 where players start somewhat near a really tiny village. In the backdrop of the village is a really cool mountain with a big plateau on it that's perfect for building on. There are a few mountains back there and they're pretty cool to explore.

The village is super tiny, with only two buildings. Out of all odds, one of those two buildings is a blacksmith. The blacksmith is pretty basic, it only has some iron armor in it and some other not important items. Surprisingly, there are enough villagers here for villager breeding, which for some players is an essential component to any village seed for PS4 Minecraft.

Minecraft PS4 seeds with two villages

Minecraft PS4 savanna village seed with two villages.jpg

Here's another one of the great Minecraft village seeds. There are two fairly large villages in this Minecraft PS4 seed.

There's also plenty more to be found in this PS4 seed for Minecraft. Because of the extended boundaries in the Minecraft PS4 seeds, there's probably plenty more to be found in this seed. Having two villages pretty close to the starting area is a fantastic starting point for any good PS4 seed for Minecraft.

Minecraft PS4 desert village seed with blacksmith

Minecraft PS4 desert village seed with blacksmith 1.39.jpg

Here's another Minecraft village seed for the PS4 where players start off fairly close to a big desert village that has a blacksmith. Inside of the blacksmith players can find diamond horse armor, along with some much less rare items. The village is also close to the ocean and has a nice view.

There's probably plenty of more fun things to find in this seed as well. In Minecraft Playstation 4 seeds players have a much larger map to explore than on older consoles. Because of this it's generally possible to find almost anything in any seed, but it's still important to find fun stuff right near the start, rather than searching for hours. Overall this is another one of the fun Minecraft PS4 seeds.