Minecraft Omega Realms basic game mode plus universe mode server overview

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Omega Realms Minecraft basic game mode multiplayer server.jpg

Another good Minecraft server for basic game modes. This server has creative, PvE survival, factions, kitPvP, and much more. This is one of the best Minecraft servers for finding populated creative and survival worlds. Normally it's difficult to find a survival or creative world with more than a handful of players, but this Minecraft server is much different.

The simplicity of this server is one of the best parts. Players start with a compass which gives them all the different options, like most other servers. There aren't any portals, waterfalls, or npc's to click on to reach the other lobby's, the compass is the only way on this Minecraft server.

Max Players: 1,250

Server address: play.omegarealm.com

Other than all of that it's a pretty generic Minecraft server. There's only one other item in the inventory upon startup and it's titled "pets." Omega Realms is yet another fun and popular Minecraft server.