Minecraft NPC village seed 1.8.2 with desert temple, saddle, diamond horse armor

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Minecraft plains desert village seed with desert temple nearby and savanna biomes.jpg

Desert temple village seed 1.8.2

Check out this cool Minecraft village seed for ~1.8.2 where the spawn is by a village which is by a desert temple.

The village is a desert village and is next to a small patch of grasslands and a river. It feels like a pretty laid back place to build and explore, and it looked like there might be some open dungeons nearby in the desert.

Seed: 3049493360113604773

Starting off, the village should be to the right, but the spawn varies slightly per generation. The village can be found at x-425 by z180 and at x-405 by z346 is the desert temple. There are other things in the desert temple besides the saddle and diamond horse armor mentioned in the title, there's also an enchanting book! This is one of the cool Minecraft seeds, that's for sure.

Enchanting with books in Minecraft 1.8.2 are cool. This one gives efficiency and sharpness which will make tools or weapons better. Try enchanting sometime, it uses two diamonds, 4 obsidian, and a book in order to make an enchanting table in 1.8.2 and they're great for spending levels. Put bookshelves around the Minecraft enchantment tables in order to maximize the enchants.