Minecraft NPC village seed 1.8.2 spawn at village by a MESA

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Minecraft village seed taiga mesa hot cold village with plains village church blacksmith butcher.jpg

This is one of the best Minecraft village seeds for 1.8.2, and all other versions after 1.7 as well.

This village spawns players out in a grasslands, looking at a massive taiga. The fun part about this cool village seed is that right behind the starting point, in plain sight, is a village. Not only is there a village on this seed, but also a mesa! To make it better, the village is less than 20 blocks from the mesa. There's a small strip of desert biome, then a river, then a mesa extending from this plains village seed.

The blacksmith also offers a saddle in the storage chest, which is perfect if any horses can be found. The fun doesn't end there on this village seed, there's cows nearby for food, a few dungeons, and even forests. There's a taiga, a forest, more plains, and across the lake's an extreme hills biome. This is an awesome village seed for anyone who wants a village in a good location. There are so many biomes nearby this village seed, it makes it one of the best Minecraft village seeds of 1.8.2 hands down. Definitely one of the best Minecraft seeds.

Seed: -3200857569343076362

The coordinates of the village are z-275 and x-250 but it should be right behind players when they spawn.

It's a great village in so many respects. The biodiversity of the location is perfect. Not only that but it's near a tundra and near a mesa! This is technically a taiga village as well as a mesa village. It's extremely rare to have a village this close to a cold biome, it's unlike most Minecraft seeds.