Minecraft NPC village seed 1.7.10 cool village at spawn

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Minecraft village seed by plains desert moutnain roofed forest cool fun great good.jpg

This is a really Cool Minecraft seed to spawn at. This has been tested to work on all 1.7 versions up to 1.7.10, and chances are it works for 1.8.2+ as well.

Seed: -7143966043146520308

The village can be found at Z275 and X-175 in case players get lost. This village seed is really cool, it even comes with some iron pants to wear. There's a neat water feature right by the village, which is always a plus. Also there's a small fissure like structure near the village which leads to caves. Resources can probably be acquired from these caves, just like other Minecraft seeds.

This village seed is in an extreme cool area. When looking for a good, generic village seed, this is a great one to try out.