Minecraft MythicPrison PvP prison server

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Mythic Pirson Minecraft server with skyblock sky wars prison and factions.jpg

This is another Minecraft server to play. This one is pretty generic with PvP, collecting, land plots, ranks, shop, donator perks, and more.

This Minecraft prison server starts players with a set of diamond armor, some food, some amazing diamond tools, and some a diamond sword. Players can harvest wood, coal, and iron in order to sell for money. With money players can buy different items from the shop.

There's also an auction system on this Minecraft server. Players are constantly selling all sorts of weird items. This can be a great way to make money eventually.

Max players: 150

Minecraft server address: mythic.network

On this prison server players start as rank A, the ranks seem to go down maybe. At some point players might be eligible to have land plots, or escape to the outside world. Until then players are stuck mining wood, coal, iron, etc. in order to make money and maybe find a way to rank up.

When looking for Minecraft PvP prison servers, this is a good one. This Minecraft prison server is a perfect example of what a Minecraft prison server is actually like.