Minecraft Mineplex multi-purpose mini-game server overview

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Mineplex multiplayer mini-game minecraft server.jpeg

This is one of the most populated Minecraft servers. There are many different activities to partake in on this cool Minecraft server. This server has often been referred to as a mini-game server because of all the awesome mini-games to choose from.

There are many different mini-games to play on this server, from snake to dragons all the way to paintball. There are a lot of standard variants to play on this server too, including skywars, survival games, and much much more. This is a great server to make some friends and have some fun with all the addicting games to play.

Max Players: ?

Minecraft server address: us.mineplex.com

There are a few different tools players start with that give information and many different useful tools. There's also a double jump ability by hitting the space bar twice, which is very useful for getting around the lobby. There are also a few little easter eggs and fun games in the lobby itself, from Minecraft soccer to even a parkour section to play around with.

This is a very well rounded Minecraft server with many different options to keep players busy. There are many different rewards for sticking around through the "gem" system. Players get gems for winning games, participating, and much more. With these gems players can buy small upgrades for individual minigames which can make things even more fun. Overall this is a fantastic Minecraft server.