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Minecraft 1.8.3 freebuild mineactivity creative mode server.png

This is a Minecraft server for creative mode. This server is called MineActivity and it's a freebuild creative Minecraft server with land plots for people to build on.

This is a fun Minecraft server because players can have their ideas checked by an admin. If the build is good enough players can get additional plots to build on. There's also a ranking system that goes along with this, at max rank players are allowed many more land plots, potentially up to 7 or 10.

This server has a few admins who fly around and build on plots too. The admins are friendly, but they have short fuses if they think someone's trying to do anything abnormal. For example, if you try to throw boats out of your plot onto other peoples plots, the admins will get angry and tell you to pick them up. If you don't pick up the boats you'll probably get IP banned. The moderators weren't very nice at all about it either.

This is definitely a passive Minecraft creative server to play. Being adventurous is looked down upon on this server. This Minecraft server is for idle builders and nothing more. When looking for a slow and steady creative free build server, this is definitely the right Minecraft server.

Max players: 400

Minecraft server address: Freebuild.MineActivity.com

Important server commands:

/plotworld (to get out of the server spawn)

/free (to get a free land plot after using the command above)

Minecraft server plugins:


Mini Items


Votes & Tokens

This is the ultimate generic Minecraft creative server to play. This is the perfect multiplayer Minecraft server for creative mode friends. Players have the potential to join teams and build together if they wish. There's something about building on a plot of land that's really rewarding. Knowing players for years can come by and see all the creations. This is really fun Minecraft 1.8.3 server.