Minecraft Lichcraft server overview: survival, skyblock, kit PvP, prison, and factions

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LichCraft mega Minecraft server with creative, skyblock, survival, factions, and prison.jpg

This Minecraft server is a multi-purpose server with a few different game modes. This Minecraft server comes with kit PvP, survival, hardcore survival, two skyblock sections, prison, and a factions section. Each of these lead to their own sub-section of the server.

This is a huge Minecraft server with many players. This popular Minecraft server is great for playing survival alone. There's an economy system where players can return to the server spawn to sell and buy blocks. It's a nice addition to survival.

This is a huge Minecraft server with plenty to do, and plenty of people. This Minecraft server has been around for a while and hopefully will continue to be around to bring thousands of Minecraft players together to play. The easiest way to play together with friends on this Minecraft survival server is jump into the water in any of the four corners of the survival server spawn. The water will take players down to the ground, but then they'll have to run a long ways to get away from people.

There's a rainbow looking hole in the ground that players can jump into if they want to teleport out. This teleporter will take a player out thousands of blocks.

Max Players: ?

Minecraft server address: us.lichcraft.com

Important commands: /spawn to return to the survival server spawn

This is one of the most popular Minecraft servers to choose from. This can actually be a very bad thing for many players. Sometimes it's better to have fewer players on a server, especially when playing PvP capable survival mode, and sometimes even factions. Be sure to check out Minecraft survival servers to find lower population servers for survival.

As for the rest of the activities. This Minecraft server has enough population to support multiplayer Minecraft fun at any hour. Even in the darkest of nights, this Minecraft server had hundreds, if not thousands, of players roaming the world. This is ideal for playing game modes like sky blocks, kit PvP, and more.