Minecraft Jungle seed 1.11.2 near spawn that's giant

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Minecraft jungle seed 1.11.2 at spawn big massive.jpg

Here's another great Minecraft jungle seed 1.11.2 to try out. Players start off on a snowy mountain with a jungle right nearby in sight. This jungle is gigantic and is plenty big for anyone to explore for a while.

The seed is: -5593204005580931335

This is a really big Minecraft jungle seed. It goes on for a really long time. There should be a few jungle temples out there if players look hard enough.

Jungle environments are one of the most unique out of all Minecraft seeds. They have gigantic jungle trees, cocoa, ocelot animals, and even underbrush. This is a great Minecraft jungle seed for first timers and veterans alike. One of the great seeds for Minecraft.