Minecraft Hypixel network multiplayer multi-purpose mini-game server with house plots

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Hypixel Network Minecraft multiplayer server with mini games and more.jpeg

This is another populated Minecraft server with many different things to do. There are various mini-games from skywards to paintball, and more. This is one of those Minecraft servers to keep players busy for days, and maybe make some friends while they're at it.

There's also a house plot system on this Minecraft server where players can build houses, or hang out at the house of a friend. There's also an adventure mode for players interested in that.

Max players: 51,000

Server address: mc.hypixel.net

This is a fun place to spend some Minecraft playtime. Players get coins and experience from playing the games, and they can spend those coins on various perks and bonuses. As for the experience, it allows players to level up, which gives coin multiplayers. On top of that there's also a guild system where players can gain towards their guilds while playing games, if they choose to be part of one. Overall this is one of the most fun and popular Minecraft servers.