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This is another Minecraft seeds page, this time dedicated to any type of Minecraft forest seed. There's something generic and fun about a forest that makes it one of the greatest biomes to start off with when new to the game.

Forests usually sprawl out for hundreds of blocks, and contain hundreds of trees. These biomes are excellent for collecting wood, and often contain hidden dungeons everywhere.

Forests are probably the most common biome in the game, up there with plains. There are a bunch of different varieties of forest as well. Some of these sub-biomes include birch forests, oak forests, deep forests, and even taiga forests.

Minecraft forest seeds

1.8.2 Spawn at birch forest by roofed forest by village

Village seed5 -4890512220177075500.png

Right where players spawn on this Minecraft forest world there's a birch forest and a cool stone hill. Nearby is a roofed forest biome which on one side has a village with one house, one farm, and one blacksmith. Small villages are always a good time on a cool Minecraft forest seed like this one.

1.8.2 Spawn at village trapped by forests

Roofed forest Minecraft 1.8.1 village seed caves.png

Super awesome Minecraft forest seed here. This one starts players in a super tiny patch of plains biome which is completely surrounded on all sides by forests as far as the game can render. There's a village right here in this tiny patch of plains biome and enough Minecraft forest to keep people busy for hours or even days.

1.8.2 Spawn at 1.8.2 forest with desert temple in sight

Minecraft forest seed 1.8.3 desert temple across river savanna and village nearby.jpg

Minecraft Forest seeds are extremely common, regardless of the size of this list. This one puts players right in a beautiful forest seed with a river nearby. Across the river is a desert temple, and further out is a desert village that does not have a blacksmith. It's an interesting Minecraft seed.

1.8.3 Forest at spawn, village nearby with flower forest

Minecraft 1.8.3 forest seed with two villages flower forest blacksmith saddle taiga dirt water lake pond.jpg

This is another exciting Minecraft forest seed where players find themselves in a beautiful forest biome. Right nearby is a small segment of grassland biome with a village on it. Right by this village are bunch of neat things, but mainly the flower forest. This is one of the most beautiful Minecraft 1.8.3 seeds around.

There's even a second village off by the taiga forests that has a blacksmith. This second village has a saddle, which is really nice. Other than that there's enough forests around to last an eternity.

1.8.3 Minecraft 1.8.3 forest seed with three villages and more

Minecraft 1.8.3 desert forest seed at spawn with bich forest hills.png

This epic Minecraft forest seed starts players on a biome split between a desert and a forest. This forest extends quite a ways back and even has a big hill with birch trees all over it. There's a roofed forest nearby across the desert, and the first of the three villages is almost in plain sight.

The other two are further out in the desert, with the last of the three villages being a plains village on the edge of the desert. There's a ton of iron gear between them all and the last one has a diamond and some obsidian.

There should be plenty of Minecraft 1.8.3 forest seed around for players to explore. The forests go on for a while, with quite a bit of diversity too. It's a good Minecraft 1.8.3 seed.

1.8.4 Minecraft 1.8.4 forest seed with mountains, flowers, and cows

Minecraft 1.8.4 mountain seed with flowers, forests, and cows.jpg

This is a great Minecraft forest seed 1.8.4 with a bunch of flowers, some cows, and some mountains. There's a bunch of different diverse things on this Minecraft 1.8.4 forest seed.

While players spawn in the forest, down with the flowers, across the river is a mountain. This mountain has a few other hilly extreme hills behind it. There are a multitude of trees in this giant Minecraft 1.8.4 forest. There are some flowers mixed into the forest, and some over by the mountains too. This cool 1.8.4 seed for Minecraft is almost one of the best Minecraft seeds.

1.8.4 Minecraft forest island seed with pigs sheep and chickens

Minecraft forest island seed 1.8.4 middle of nowhere survival island.jpg

This 1.8.4 forest seed is actually a forest island seed. There are so many trees that players can live off of the apples alone. There are chickens, sheep, and pigs on this populated island seed. Players can easily breed chickens by throwing their eggs, that's the easiest way to survive. There's so much dirt players can easily level it out and make this little forest island even bigger.

Sailing far enough in any direction should lead to land. This island has no other islands anywhere nearby. The nearest land is the mainland, making this a definitive survival island.

1.8.8 Minecraft forest seed 1.8.8 with little village

Small Minecraft village seed 1.8.8 with farm and private lake.jpg

This is another interesting Minecraft 1.8.8 forest seed with a small village laid out in the middle of the forest. There's one exit to the forest opening that doesn't involve walking through a spooky forest, and it leads to a desert. This is really interesting because it almost feels like some scene out of an RPG game. This cool Minecraft forest seed 1.8.8 is definitely a fun place to start with a good roofed forest.

1.8.8 Minecraft big forest island seed to explore

Minecraft forest island seed 1.8.8.jpg

This is a really fun Minecraft forest seed 1.8.8 where players start off on a forest island. The island is pretty huge, with plenty of trees, which makes it very easy to survive. There are usually animals on the island which makes it that much easier to have a relaxed game of survival. There's one hole in the ground that leads down for exploration and plenty of flowers in the middle of the island, which are a nice touch. Overall this is a pretty awesome Minecraft seed.