Minecraft Extreme Hills Village Seed 1.8.1 with three villages

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Minecraft village seed three villages 1.8.3 and more versions desert grass mountains.jpg

This is one cool Minecraft village seed for 1.8.1 because it has three villages in it! The first one is right near the spawn, and is adjacent to an extreme hills biome with beautiful shapes and scenery. The first village is hands down one of the most beautiful villages I've ever seen, well, as far as surroundings go. The village itself is extremely disorganized and needs a little bit of work.

With enough work this Minecraft village seed can be absolutely perfect. There's a river nearby, extreme hills, desert, savanna, and more! On top of all that there's also another two villages, and the next two are within 200 blocks of each other. With high enough block render range players can see both villages at once. It's no wonder that this is one of the best Minecraft seeds ever.

Look at the full list of Minecraft village seeds before leaving.

The seed is: 2525617506084080286

As for the second and third village in this Minecraft seed, they can be found at x63 z-771 (second village), x-128 z-856 (third village). Also just in case, here's the coordinates of the first village near the spawn: x115 z-300.

It's really a beautiful seed. For fun, try making a mine cart system between the two villages near each other. Those two offer a perfect distance to track with mine cart rail. It's fun making trains that travel between villages in this Minecraft seed. This is one of those perfect villages for that.

The first is right on the border of desert and grasslands and has some cool mountains nearby. The second village is in grasslands and is pretty generic. The last is the smallest of the three and is located in a desert. They're all really neat, but the desert village doesn't have a blacksmith.