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This page is a continuation of Minecraft extreme hills seeds.

1.9 Minecraft mountain seed 1.9 by sunflower plains with village and savanna

Minecraft 1.9 sunflower plains seed by savanna mountains.jpg

This is one of the best Minecraft mountain seeds 1.9 for extreme hills. There are some very large mountains in a savanna which is right near the spawn. Gigantic mountain ranges are moderately rare in Minecraft 1.7+ which is what makes this a really good Minecraft 1.9 seeds for mountains.

This seed has a bunch of cool features in it. There's a village beyond the savanna, and a sunflower plains at the start. The ocean can be found right on the edge of this starting area. Overall this is another really cool Minecraft mountain seed.

1.8.8 Minecraft mountain seed almost enclosed by extreme hills

Minecraft mountain village forest plains seed 1.8.8.jpg

This is another cool 1.8.8 mountain seed for Minecraft. Players start off on a big hill with a village really nearby. The village is almost completely enclosed by mountains. There's a small river running near the village which is one of the only ways to make it into the village. The other natural path to the village is across a small lake. Other than that players have to climb up and down the hills in order to access this cool Minecraft 1.8.8 mountain village.

There are a decent number of hills and mountains nearby to explore. This is a fun Minecraft 1.8.8 seed for mountains. It's pretty cool to have a small village completely surrounded by mountains. Definitely a pretty awesome Minecraft seed.

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