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Some extreme hills

This is another Minecraft seeds page, this one is dedicated to extreme hills seeds, also referred to as Minecraft mountain seeds. These biomes involve massive stone mountains, and usually multiple.

After the inclusion of Minecraft 1.7 and above, and the changes to the world generator that came with it, Minecraft extreme hills seeds are much harder to find now. Extreme hills used to be a common occurrence; however, not so much anymore. It's for this reason that extreme hills seeds can be considered uncommon.

It's sad too because out of all the natural biomes to find in Minecraft, mountain seeds are the one of the best. Even though there's no NPC's or naturally generated structures, mountains in Minecraft are one of the most beautiful land features out of and 8-bit style game.

Extreme hills seeds can give players endless amounts of fun to explore and see with their own eyes. There's just something beautiful about extreme hills on Minecraft.

Extreme Hills Minecraft Seeds

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1.8.1 - Extreme hills village seed with three villages total

Triple Village Seed Minecraft 1.8.2.png

The first village is right near the spawn and has awesome minecraft mountains to look at. The extreme hills extend much further than they appear to. This is one of the best Minecraft mountain seeds because the mountains are right next to an awesome village. On top of that the other nearby villages are really nice.

This Minecraft extreme hills seed extends for a while, so be prepared to explore a decent sized mountain seed.

1.7.10 - Deep forest village seed by extreme hills

Minecraft 1.8.3 extreme hills seed by roofed forest savanna mountain hills.jpg

This seed has some deep forests right by a village and there's even a creepy cave hole next to the minecraft village in this awesome seed. Players spawn right by a tri-biome section where grasslands, desert, and savanna all meet up. This is a pretty neat Minecraft mountain seed.

1.7.10 - Mountain village seed 1.7+

Minecraft mountain seed 1.8 village surrounded by mountains and extreme hills savanna.jpg

On this diamond seed there are extreme hills directly next to and around a village. This place is a neat place to live with dungeons around. It's super cool how this Minecraft mountain seed has this village at this part of it. The picture above makes it look almost like a Minecraft movie set. Be prepared to go exploring, this is a huge Minecraft mountain seed.

1.8.2 - Village near extreme hills with three diamonds

Minecraft 1.8.3 montain seed by village and roofed forest snowy hills taiga.jpg

On this Minecraft mountain seed players get put near extreme hills and deep forests. If they follow the river it leads to a village with three diamonds. The extreme hills extend for a while and the would be diamond pickaxe is nice for carving things out into the mountains. It would take too many pickaxes to count in order to cut down all of this massive Minecraft extreme hills seed.

1.8.2 - Savanna mountain by village and temple seed

Village seed6 890679926.png

This seed doesn't have extreme hills, but has one epic savanna mountain placed right next to a village and a temple, which has three diamonds in it. It's a fun seed with a great mountain to explore. Savanna mountains don't extend for a while, but they still make for some pretty big Minecraft mountain seeds.

1.8.3 - Minecraft 1.8.3 mountain seed with mesa and forests nearby

Minecraft 1.8.3 extreme hills seed with mesa and forest plus spruce trees.jpg

Great Minecraft 1.8.3 mountain seed here. This one is for once a decent sized Minecraft extreme hills biome. They don't go on for long, but the mountains are pretty big. To make this snowy mountain top seed better, it's also a 1.8.3 spruce tree forest seed. There's normal forest nearby too, and even a mesa right next to the snowy biomes. This is an interesting blend of hot and cold Minecraft seeds. For Minecraft 1.8.3 extreme hills seeds, it's one of the cool Minecraft seeds.

1.8.4 - Minecraft 1.8.4 mountain seed with forest flowers and cows

Minecraft 1.8.4 mountain seed with flowers, forests, and cows.jpg

This is another fun Minecraft mountain seed 1.8.4 with a flower mixed forest at the spawn. There's a river separating the forest from the first mountain, which happens to have cows all over it. There's a non-snowy taiga behind the mountain and some flowers near the mountain as well. This extreme hills biome goes on for a while on this Minecraft 1.8.4 mountain seed. This is a good 1.8.4 Minecraft seed for a cool snowy mountain spawn. This is one of the great 1.8.4 seeds for Minecraft.

1.8.4 - Minecraft mountain seed 1.8.4 in the snowy plains

Minecraft 1.8.4 mountain snow seed with caves and grass.jpg

Look at this cool Minecraft 1.8.4 mountain seed in the middle of a snowy plains section. This is one of the coolest snowy mountains with active lava flows and waterfalls. There's a humongous cave carved out right into the front of this sizable mountain. This all can be found in what also counts as a Minecraft 1.8.4 snow seed.

This is a wonderful Minecraft mountain to build on. There's a small bit of plains by the mountain, and ocean on the other. Things don't always have to be so cold on this Minecraft 1.8.4 hill seed. There are other biomes around to explore and even an ice spike plains down south in the cold biome. There might even be some villages up north with some exploration on this awesome Minecraft 1.8.4 seed.

1.8.4 - Minecraft 1.8.4 extreme hills seed with extreme hills+ mountain and canyons

Minecraft mountain seed 1.8.4 extreme hills + extreme hills M biomes hills canyons.jpg

This is a Minecraft 1.8.4 extreme hills seed to get excited about. At first player encounter what seems to be a simple Minecraft mountain seed. The first two hills are part of extreme hills biomes and extreme hills+ biomes. On the other side of these are a long series of canyon plateaus with rivers running through them. This area resembles a Minecraft grand canyon.

This is a great Minecraft canyon seed with valleys, cows, pigs, forest, roofed forest, and other awesome features. This Minecraft mountain seed goes on for a quite a while once it gets out to the Minecraft canyons. This is a great mountain seed for Minecraft.

1.8.8 - Minecraft mountain seed with village at spawn

Beautiful Minecraft village seed with awesome village layout.jpg

This Minecraft mountain seed 1.8.8 starts players right next to a pretty big village with a mountain right beside it. The village has a blacksmith and some pretty cool terrain underneath the village making it look awesome. There's a flower forest nearby too which is pretty unique. This is a fun Minecraft 1.8.8 seed for mountain exploration as the mountains go on for a while. There's even some exposed coal right on the side of the mountain. This is another really awesome Minecraft seed.

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