Minecraft DesiredCraft Network server, economy survival, kitPvP, factions, etc.

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DesiredCraft Network Minecraft server with survival economy, hunger games, factions, etc..jpg

This is another fun Minecraft server to try out. This one has a bunch of different fun game types like survival economy, factions, and more.

Max Players: 2,000

Server Address: mc.desiredcraft.net

KitPvP is a fun way to jump right into player versus player combat. Factions is a much longer term PvP commitment. Hunger games is another fun PvP game type. They also have creative mode, and economy survival. Economy survival is a fun twist on survival mode that can make it much more fun. There's also factions, prison, skywars capture the flag, and skyblock. Among other things, this is a fun Minecraft hunger games server.