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This desert temple is built into a village

This Minecraft seed page is all about desert temples. These neat little structures can be found in desert biomes and are slightly more rare than jungle temples.

Desert temples, like jungle temples, involve traps. There's a giant hole in the middle of the desert temple covered by blocks. If players destroy these blocks it reveals an extremely deep hole. If players jump down they'll take extreme damage, and what's worse is that if they land in the middle there's a pressure plate down there. If a player steps on that pressure plate hidden TNT explodes at the bottom of the hole destroying all the storage chests, items, and players down there.

The best way to scale a desert temple seed is by grabbing a bunch of sand and placing it until one square of the hole is full. Then stand on that square and dig up all the sand until at the bottom. Then from there right click and hold to destroy the pressure plate and then the desert temple is ready to be looted.

Players can find a variety of different items in desert temples. Sometimes lucky seeds have diamonds in them, but most commonly players can find zombie flesh, bones, iron ingots, gold ingots, and horse armor. After those items it's a little random but those are the most common to find.

Minecraft desert temple seeds

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1.8.1 Minecraft four diamond village with desert temple seed built in

Desert temple diamond village seed Minecraft 1.8.2 by plains and savanna with forest nearby.png

There's a desert temple built into this village seed. It's right across the river and has a bunch of diamonds. There's another desert temple somewhat nearby. This is a really fun Minecraft desert temple seed with plenty of adventures to have. The diamonds are a really nice touch for an already amazing Minecraft temple seed.

1.8.2 Perfect desert temple village seed

Desert temple in a desert seed for Minecraft 1.8.2 and a village built in by the river.png

This seed spawns a village that for once has a desert temple placed absolutely perfectly into the village. On top of that the temples have one diamond and three saddles. This is a really amazing Minecraft desert temple seed. The village is super cool because of how it's merged into the desert temple so well. This cool Minecraft desert temple seed is a must-try.

1.8.2 Minecraft desert temple seed by village with horse gear

Minecraft plains desert village seed with desert temple nearby and savanna biomes.jpg

This horse themed minecraft desert temple seed is great, it has a diamond horse armor, a saddle, and some other stuff. The village nearby doesn't have much in the blacksmith other than armor. It looks pretty cool how the desert is across a lake and down a hill from the village. It looks like an unnatural setup almost. The way this temple looks is one of the best parts about this Minecraft desert temple seed.

1.8.2 Three diamond desert temple seed with village built in

Desert temple 1.8.2 Minecraft seed temple built in by river and savanna mountains biome.png

This seed spawns players near a desert temple with a village built right next to it. There are three diamonds in the temple and across the river is a savanna mountain to explore with pigs on the top. This good Minecraft desert temple seed has some interesting adventuring to do. That mountain is just calling out to be climbed.

1.8.2 Three Minecraft desert temple seed with six diamonds and two villages

Desert temple seed by Minecraft 1.8.2 village pond water lake in desert by plains river.png

Cool desert village seed for Minecraft 1.8.2 and other versions too. This one has a grass village at the start with three diamonds in the blacksmith. There's a desert temple nearby and two more nearby as well. There's even a second village by one of the three desert temples! This is truly an epic Minecraft desert temple seed because of how many temples, villages, and diamonds there are.

1.8.2 Beautiful spawn with desert temple in sight

Desert temple Minecraft 1.8.2 seed plains cows river well forest.png

Spawn in a forest by a river. Right across the river is a desert temple. On top of that there is in fact a NPC village out in the desert without a blacksmith. there are plenty of other biomes to explore nearby as well.

1.8.3 Cool Minecraft desert temple seed with three villages in sight

Cool Minecraft seed 1.8.3 three in sight villages, diamonds, desert temple seeds.png

This cool Minecraft village seed has people spawning somewhat near a village which is right next to two more villages. There are two desert temples nearby and one of them contains three diamonds! This is a really good Minecraft 1.8.3 seed. There's even an exposed spider spawner dungeon out in the desert to take advantage of.

It's one of the best Minecraft seeds overall, but it's also one of the best Minecraft 1.8.3 desert temple seeds because of what comes with it. It's hard not to take a Minecraft seed with three villages this close to one another. What a great Minecraft desert temple seed this one is.

1.8.3 Coolest Minecraft desert temple seed 1.8.3 with multiple villages

Minecraft village seed five villages three temples diamonds cows ponds lakes savanna awesome cool best fun amazing.jpg

This is truly one of the greatest Minecraft 1.8.3 desert temple seeds of all time. While the focus of the page and video aren't primarily on the desert temples, there are quite a few, with diamonds too. This is one cool seed to find Minecraft desert temples on while also having tons of other fun adventures to find. The villages provide a constant source of something to interact with. The trading is nice, and connecting the villages is possible because of the proximity of the first five villages.

There are other notable features too, such as savanna, plains, villages, and more. There are so many reasons to play this awesome Minecraft seed, but there are many more reasons to look around for more. There are tons of crazy Minecraft seeds on this site to choose from. There are more than desert temples, plenty more.

1.8.4 Minecraft 1.8.4 desert temple seed with a built-in house

Minecraft 1.8.4 village house seed with desert temple house villagers broken funny best cool amazing.jpg

Check out this cool Minecraft seed. This particular Minecraft 1.8.4 desert temple seed has an interesting twist on it, it runs through a bunch of 1.8.4 village houses. The top entrance of the desert temple is actually completely enclosed by a big Minecraft house. Another part of the 1.8.4 desert temple runs through a small house and looks hilarious.

This is a really fun Minecraft 1.8.4 seed because of this wacky temple built into a cool village seed. As for the seed spawn, it's by a snowy taiga hills biome and a desert biome. This village isn't too far from there, and there's even a random 1.8.4 desert well sort of on the way.

1.8.4 Minecraft desert temple seed 1.8.4 with two villages, three diamonds

Minecraft 1.8.4 desert village seed with 1.8.4 desert temple 3 diamonds with saddle and diamond horse armor.jpg

This Minecraft 1.8.4 desert temple seed has three diamonds, enough to make a diamond pickaxe. Other than that the seed spawn has a giant 1.8.4 savanna village running up the side of a hill. The second village is by the first 1.8.4 temple as seen above.

The desert temple pictured above is the one that contains 3 diamonds, one saddle, and one diamond horse armor. This actually turns out to be a great 1.8.4 horse seed for anyone who can find a horse on this seed. Other than that there's another desert temple out in the sand, and the river pools up into a lake of sorts, right in front of the village temple combo. What an interesting Minecraft 1.8.4 seed.

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