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Desert seeds often contain villages

This is a Minecraft seeds list for desert seeds. Players can also find desert temples in deserts, but that's not a requirement for the seed to make this list.

Deserts actually do have some interesting features. The naturally occurring hills in deserts seem to out do some of the other basic biomes in terms of interest. Desert's often have less open caves than it's grassier counterparts, but it's also random by seed. Sometimes deserts can actually be riddled with caves.

There are often volcano-like hills and hills with a chunk taken out of them in desert seeds. Sand tends to make weird formations when it does form into something. Another interesting thing about desert seeds is that desert biomes are one of the few biomes that can house villages. Desert's are also the most likely biome to find multiple villages in.

There are lots of cool reasons to look for Minecraft desert seeds. Not only are the flying sand island funny, but there are also endless monsters to grind on out in the desert nights. These biomes are just fun places to run around.

Minecraft desert Seeds

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1.8.1 Minecraft five diamond village seed 1.8.1

Minecraft desert seed 1.8.1 with a village by savanna river and temple built in five diamonds.jpg

This Minecraft desert seed puts players directly next to a village that has five diamonds in it. There are animals nearby for food and plenty of interesting terrain features around. While desert don't usually have much to find other than caves, the savanna should be good for exploration. This is a pretty interesting Minecraft desert seed.

1.8.2 Perfect desert temple village seed

Minecraft 1.8 desert seed with village and temple out by the water in the desert.jpg

This village seed spawns players somewhat near a village that has a desert temple perfectly built into it. It seriously looks like a natural part of the village. This interesting feature makes this a really good Minecraft desert seed.

1.8.2 Triple desert village seed

Minecraft desert seed 1.8.3 out there herobrine in the desert villages savanna hills.jpg

This triple desert village seed puts players near a village which is near another village and so on until three villages are discovered with two diamonds and a saddle. This is one of the cool Minecraft desert seeds because of all the villages. Who doesn't want three villages in the desert seed?

1.8.2 Desert village island with fifteen diamonds!

182 Minecraft village seed.png

Why not start near a desert village island with fifteen diamonds, two ocean monuments, and multiple dungeons? It has a blacksmith, zombie spawner nearby, and tons of free stuff. While this is barely a desert, it's technically a small desert biome out in the water with a village on it. This is really a Minecraft island seed in reality, it's technically a Minecraft desert seed too.

1.8.2 Cave village at triple biome start

Village seed3 -1793484691.png

A desert village seed that starts players at the crossroads of three biomes: savanna, desert, and plains. There's a village right here with three iron chestplates and plenty of caves to lose them in nearby. There are some pretty big mountains along the way. Overall this is a pretty neat Minceraft desert seed.

1.8.2 Minecraft desert seed with three temples and two villages

Village seed7 6301543810780111014.png

This Minecraft desert seed has a plains village at the spawn, which is right at the edge of a desert. This village has three diamonds and out in the desert there are another three between the desert temples. Such a fun Minecraft desert seed with so many diamonds. This is a perfect Minecraft seed for starting out with a diamond pickaxe.

1.8.2 Spawn at desert with a temple in sight

Minecraft desert village seed 182 forest savanna taiga temple.png

It's hard to find a Minecraft desert seed without finding a village, temple, or well. This particular desert seed puts players right next to a desert temple, even though they spawn in a forest. There should be villages out in the desert, and maybe some other features too. Be sure to check out the full page by clicking above for the details.

1.8.3 Minecraft 1.8.3 desert seed with sunflower plains by the desert

Minecraft 1.8.3 desert seed with desert temple and two diamonds in it by desert temple island 1.8.3.jpg

This cool Minecraft 1.8.3 desert seed starts players off between a desert and a small sunflower plains biome. There's a savanna nearby as well.

There's a desert temple in this particular desert with 2 diamonds and some other stuff like ingots. There's a saddle and some horse armor too, but no horses in the immediate area. There's also a second desert temple across the water some-which-way and it has another 4 diamonds and a book of unbreaking III. This is a really cool Minecraft desert seed 1.8.3 to play.

1.8.3 Minecraft desert seed 1.8.3 with three villages and forests

Minecraft 1.8.3 desert seed with village in sight by forest and giant mushrooms.png

This Minecraft desert seed 1.8.3 has players spawning on the split between a forest biome and a desert. This desert is actually pretty small, but it has three villages in it!

The first village is almost in sight, the other two are a little further out, but still extremely close. There's a roofed forest near the first of the three villages. As for blacksmiths, all three have them and between them all players can find a ton of iron stuff and one single diamond.

1.8.3 Cool Minecraft desert seed 1.8.3 with three villages in sight

Cool Minecraft seed 1.8.3 three in sight villages, diamonds, desert temple seeds.png

This awesome desert seed has three villages in sight of one another. The desert is a little bit away from the initial spawn point, but it's worth it to have three villages this close to each other. They're huge villages too. There's also two desert temples to loot, one of which has three diamonds in it. There's also an exposed spider spawner out in the desert to use.

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