Minecraft CraftyMynes PvP PvE survival server overview

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Minecraft craftymynes server 1.8.3 survival PvP PvE vanilla no mods teleport.jpg

This is a good Minecraft survival server with PvE and PvP. Players start with a teleport book to set a home with and teleport with. There's a store at the server spawn, a parkour teleporter, a 10k teleporter, and more.

This server has some vague rules, but generally there aren't many. Of course players shouldn't spam chat, hack, mod, cheat, etc. or else it will probably lead to a permanent IP ban. There are quite a few moderators on this Minecraft server.

This server has a few teleporters near the server spawn for some fun things. There's a parkour teleporter for some fun Minecraft parkour. There's also a teleporter that will send players out 10k blocks so they can find a secret random place to build. This 10k telepoter even allows friends to teleport together, unlike some other Minecraft servers.

Max Players: 64

Minecraft server address: mc.craftymynes.com

As for biomes, there's a lot out there. There seems to be some extreme hills out of the server spawn in one direction. Who knows what will be out there after going through the 10k block teleporter.

Griefing and raiding is allowed on this Minecraft server. Because of this players should be very careful about building a base. Be sure to build somewhere secretive so players don't find out. Killing players is allowed, this is PvP server in technicality and it's a fun Minecraft server too.