Minecraft Central server with survival mode, creative mode, and more

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Minecraft Central Minecraft server with basic survival and creative modes.jpg

Here is one of the Minecraft servers that actually has creative mode and survival mode. That's not all this server offers, there are a variety of other sub-servers as well. Factions and KitPvP should be fun for a lot of people. Minecraft faction servers are a fun variant of survival mode servers. KitPvP is a fun way to jump into PvP and have some fun.

Max Players: 10,000

Server Address: mc-central.net

This server also has sky wars as well as team sky wars. Playing that game in a team is an interesting way to mix things up. Another fun sub-section of this server is prison server, where players work their way up the prison ranks. This server also has survival games, where players rush to find gear and try to be the last player remaining. They even have capture the flag, which pretty much explains itself. Minecraft Central is one of the Minecraft fun servers.