Minecraft BattleCraft PvP Factions server

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Minecraft BattleCraft Factions PvP server spawn.png

This is another good factions Minecraft server.

Once through the factions portal players will find themselves in another fancy room with a lot of obsidian and lava. Here there are another there portals, one's for donor's only, one's a tutorial that helps explain factions and donator perks. The last portal has a sign that says "wilderness" and it teleports players out to a random coordinate thousands of blocks away.

This particular portal is actually very useful. On normal factions servers it can take up to half an hour to get far enough out to safely build. On this Minecraft factions server the portal solves that problem.

Upon every log-in players are back at the default server spawn location. Once they head back through the factions portal, they should be back out in the wilderness or wherever players left off.

Max players: ?

Minecraft server address: Battlecraft.us

There's some kind of economy and auction system on this Minecraft factions server. The tutorial suggest growing crops to make money, but there might be other ways to make money too. This is an interesting Minecraft factions server to try. Give it a go and see what it's like.