Minecraft Arkham Network server overview: survival, factions, creative, and more

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Minecraft Arkham Network server spawn.jpg

This is another awesome Minecraft server. This popular Minecraft server has many different sections, including survival, factions, GTA, creative mode, skyblocks, and more.

In the initial spawn, players have to walk up to the waterfall, as seen in the picture above. This will bring up a list of different sub-server the player can connect to in order to play whichever Minecraft game variant they want. There are a bunch of options, and room for more as well. This is one of the most populated Minecraft servers, so be careful of this server if lots of people are a problem.

Max players: 3,650

Minecraft server address: mc.arkhamnetwork.org

This is an ideal Minecraft server for meeting other players. This multiplayer Minecraft server averages thousands of online players at any given time. This single Minecraft server is bigger than some video game servers have as a whole. While this is nice for some, for others it might not be ideal. There are other Minecraft servers to choose from if this one feels too populated.