Minecraft 1.8.7 village seed with two cool villages and great temples

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Minecraft 1.8.7 village seed with two of everything great good awesome 1.8.7 Minecraft seed.jpg

Minecraft 1.8.7 village seed with two temples and two villages

This is another cool Minecraft 1.8.7 village seed that's been tested and works. There are two Minecraft villages almost in view of one another. On top of that this insane 1.8.7 seed has two temples, one of which has 6 diamonds, a saddle, and diamond horse armor!

The seed is: 8571349431338945345

The coordinates of all the villages and temples:

Village: 75/245 11 Obsidian

Temple: 74/58 6 Diamonds, 1 Saddle, Diamond Horse Armor

Village: -175/260

Temple: -389/330 Enchanted Book Fire Protection IV, Enchanted Book Protection IV Flame I Knockback II, 1 Emerald

This is probably one of the greatest Minecraft village seeds of all time. Definitely one of the best Minecraft seeds to say the very least.

The first village has rabbits and other animals nearby. Sometimes the animals that appear on seeds can vary. There aren't always the same animals every time the world spawns. Some types of animals can be more common than others, but sometimes animals will change each time the world is created.

This is an awesome 1.8.7 seed though. The first village is pretty much right in sight of the starting point. Players can easily survive off of the safety provided by this neat Minecraft village. With a little bit of adventuring players can easily find the other three naturally generated structures. These other temples and villages are pretty cool too, and they should be fairly close by as well. This is a really cool 1.8.7 Minecraft seed.