Minecraft 1.8.4 villages seed with two temples, diamonds, and saddle

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Minecraft 1.8.4 desert village seed with 1.8.4 desert temple 3 diamonds with saddle and diamond horse armor.jpg

Minecraft 1.8.4 villages seed

How about another epic Minecraft village seed to try out? This one's a double village seed and a double temple seed. This seed works on multiple Minecraft versions, and is also a working Minecraft 1.8.4 village seed.

The first village is a 1.8.4 savanna village. This is actually an extremely big Minecraft village. The savanna village stretches across the side of a hill with some fairly large Minecraft houses. This is a really great Minecraft seed. The desert temple in the screenshot above contains 3 diamonds, one saddle, one diamond horse armor, and more. This is a perfect village seed to start a horse taming village.

The seed is: -5993334663993399705

The first Minecraft village is at 85/70. There's a desert temple right next to the second village over at x-220 by z220. As for the second desert temple, it can be found at x25 by z245. These Minecraft 1.8.4 structures are so interesting, and the loot is great. It's too bad the villages don't have any blacksmiths, but the temples seem to make up for it. This cool Minecraft seed is great for a big savanna village at the spawn.