Minecraft 1.8.4 mountain snow seed with cool lava spouts

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Minecraft 1.8.4 mountain snow seed with caves and grass.jpg

This is a flat Minecraft 1.8.4 snow seed at the spawn with a gigantic mountain right near the spawn. This epic Minecraft 1.8.4 mountain seed has active lava flows, waterfalls, and epic caves. There's a bit of plains by these mountains. The hills themselves are huge, and super fun to explore.

The seed is: -2054578693883595198

Here players can live out their Minecraft 1.8.4 days on a snow seed by a mountain. There's ocean nearby too, and a cave right by the initial spawn coordinates with some coal at the end of it. It's almost unnatural the convenience of this starter cave in the middle of such a dangerous and depraved Minecraft seed.

There should be enough trees all over the place to build anything a player could need in this Minecraft 1.8.4 world. There are tons of resources, and even lava and water by the giant mountain. There are forests in the snow, and way down to the south there are even some 1.8.4 ice spike plains. Supposedly up north there are 2 Minecraft villages. This is a fun Minecraft 1.8.4 snow seed for anyone interested in a winter wonderland adventure in Minecraft. This is one of the better seeds for Minecraft.