Minecraft 1.8.4 mesa plateau seed with exposed coal and caves

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Minecraft 1.8.4 mesa plateau seed with exposed coal, caves, trees, clay.jpg

Here's a good Minecraft 1.8.4 mesa seed with a mesa plateau start. There's a patch of exposed coal at the bottom of the ravine between the first two plateaus. This is a great Minecraft 1.8.4 coal seed.

There are caves here and there on the mesa walls if players follow the ravines. Right at the start there's a pretty dinky cave without much of anything but maybe monsters. There are other caves up and down the river with varying amounts of randomicity. Mesa caves occasionally lead to much bigger cave systems, but at the top of plateaus they often dead end in the clay. This is not always the case with all Minecraft seeds; however, sometimes even these caves can lead down into the earth.

The seed is: 7782844523518811161

This is a pretty generic Minecraft 1.8.4 mesa plateau seed other than the exposed coal. There are plenty of trees on these plateaus, so they're basically mesa forests too. This spawn is at the exact center of the mesa biome. North and East both lead to more biomes such as plains and forest. To the west players will find ocean, and across it a snow biome. South of the mesa there are a bunch of survival islands.