Minecraft 1.8.4 enchanting seed with villages, temples, books, and diamonds

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Minecraft 1.8.4 enchanting seed with two villages and temples.jpg

Minecraft 1.8.4 enchanting seed

This Minecraft 1.8.4 seed is perfect for getting enchanting books. There are two villages and two desert temples and between them both players get to find a whole load of enchanting books. This is one of the rare Minecraft seeds because of how rare enchanting books are. The chances of finding three in one seed, this close by, are extremely low. This rarity makes this one of the best Minecraft 1.8.4 seeds.

The seed is: -1469366519271110166

The first village is at x0 by z333. On the way to that is a desert temple which actually starts off right next to the server spawn. it's this desert temple at x58 by z200 that has three diamonds, a saddle, and the enchanting book: Efficiency IV. Further out in the desert players can find another village at x0 by z-310, and the last desert temple at x150 by z-230.

It's this second desert temple that has even more. This Minecraft 1.8.4 desert temple has two saddles, an enchanted book feather falling IV, Fortune II, Looting II. There's also one more enchanting book that has sharpness II. Between all these Minecraft 1.8.4 enchanting books there's a ton of fun to be had practicing enchanting. Thanks to all this enchanting nonsense this is one really cool Minecraft seed.