Minecraft 1.8.4 beach seed on swamp peninsula

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Minecraft 1.8.4 beach seed by swampland peninsula water seed plains desert tree swampland flower.jpg

Here's a wonderful Minecraft 1.8.4 swamp seed to play around with. This is seed starts people off on a small sandy beach by the end of a swampland peninsula.

The seed is: -7766213408488371109

That's not all though, the swamp is big enough to find red and brown mushrooms for 1.8.4 mushroom stew. There are some caves, and even the occasion blue swamp flower in this Minecraft 1.8.4 swampland seed. The beach isn't the only adventure for this seed. Players can always opt to boat ride out from here, and find other biomes across the waters. This swampland beach has a lot of potential as one of the cool Minecraft seeds.