Minecraft 1.8.3 mushroom island seed out in the ocean with islands

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Minecraft mushroom island seed 1.8.3 actual island long strip multiple islands giant mushrooms.jpg

Cave-ridden mushroom island biome for once

Usually mushroom island seeds don't have a lot of caves in them. This mushroom island has plenty of cave-like features to explore all throughout.

Players find themselves starting out on a small survival island. A short ways off over at x-150 z265 is a mushroom island biome. This one is really fun to explore and there are plenty of small survival islands around the giant mushroom biome, most of which are out of sight.

The seed is: 4047987678748182163

There's even underground fissures beneath the island of this Minecraft seed. There's probably plenty more caves and dungeons out under the water in the shores surrounding this beautiful Minecraft 1.8.3 mushroom island seed.