Minecraft 1.8.3 mesa seed with a mesa forest at spawn, oak trees, caves, and craters

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Minecraft 1.8.3 mesa seed with mesa forest, oak trees, caves, craters, plateau.jpg

This is a good Minecraft 1.8.3 mesa seed with an interesting spawn. Players start off in a ravine, right by a really odd mesa plateau peninsula. There are oak trees, of all things, down in the ravine.

There's more to the seed than just this, up on the plateau is a 1.8.3 mesa forest with a crater right beside it. This crater is extremely interesting, there's a lake on one end and just clay on the other. Around the rim of the crater, up near the mesa forest, is an interesting cave. Inside of one of them should be a straight drop down through the clay blocks, all the way down to cobblestone blocks and deeper. This whole section leads into a deep system of caves and tunnels. This is a really cool Minecraft seed for mesas.

The seed is: 3971121552768171949

It's a fun Minecraft mesa seed 1.8.3, there's so much more than just the starting point, it's a whole mesa biome after all. In the bigger picture, this mesa is on the coast actually, and there are two small 1.8.3 mesa islands out in the waters, which are also very interesting.

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