Minecraft 1.8.2 triple jungle temple seed with floating taiga temple

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Minecraft 1.8.2 three jungle temples seed with one floating in the air amazing fun epic cool super minecraft.jpg

Here's a really big jungle temple seed with three Minecraft jungle temples to explore. The first one is right next to the initial spawn, but the other two are much further out there.

Between all three Minecraft jungle temples there are: 2 diamonds, 17 gold ingots, 18 zombie flesh, 37 bones, and 10 iron ingots. The first jungle temple is at x-250 by z250. As for the second jungle temple, it's at x250 by x250. The third and final jungle temple seed is at x200 by z600.

It's a pretty darn big jungle in this jungle temple seed. It's got other basic biomes around like plains and forests as well. There's a big lake way up north of the spawn point, with some islands to explore. Minecraft seeds with many jungle temples are really cool.

There's a fourth and final jungle temple way up north, but it's not really worth mentioning. There's also a village, and a stronghold, but they're really far away too. Other than that it's just a fun looking, run of the mill jungle seed.