Minecraft 1.8.2 double jungle temple seed with one in the water

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Minecraft 1.8.2 jungle temple seed literally in water temple.jpg

This is actually a double jungle temple seed for Minecraft 1.8.2 where players spawn pretty close to the first of the two jungle temples. This first one is actually out on a lake... literally. The temple itself is just sitting out in the water, it's pretty awesome.

As for the storage chest loot in the first Minecraft 1.8.2 jungle temple, it's actually not that great. There's some iron, but most of the gold and iron can be found at the other jungle temple.

The seed is: 1196309554893654658'

The first jungle temple out on the lake: x350 z150

Second jungle temple by water: x750 z0

Between both jungle temples in this Minecraft 1.8.2 jungle temple seed, there are: 23 gold ingots, 6 iron ingots, 26 zombie flesh, 21 bones, one iron horse armor, and 3 emeralds. It's not that great of loot, but the redstone from the temples can really come in handy in this Minecraft seed. It's fun to play Minecraft on a fun jungle temple seed like this, even if there isn't anything too spectacular in the jungle temples. As for Minecraft 1.8.2 jungle temple seeds, this one's pretty neat.