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Minecraft village seed list 1.8.1 with images

beautiful plains village seed

Finding a great Minecraft 1.8.1 village seed just got easy

Here's the village seed list for Minecraft 1.8.1 with ten awesome village seeds to try out. The image above is an actual Minecraft seed from the list below.

Down below, each seed has an image and a description. Click any of the images or titles in order to go to the page about that village seed. Each secondary page has a video, the seed number, and any important coordinates that didn't get mentioned in these descriptions.

Each individual village seed page has tweet and google +1 buttons for people to use when sharing with friends. To use facebook try using the individual village seed video from YouTube itself.

Great Minecraft village seeds 1.8.2

What makes village seeds great in 1.8.2, like many other versions, is finding diamonds in storage chests, nearby desert temples, dungeons, caves, unique biomes, hills, fissures, finding saddles in or near villages, and even enchanting books that can be found in villages and temples.

Between all these awesome natural world seed occurrences, there are tons of fun things to do in these villages. Some of the ones below have diamonds, others have temples, and some are just big village seeds or even small village seeds. The most important thing is to find unique Minecraft seeds for 1.8.1 because they're usually the most fun to work with. For example, one of the village seeds below has a naturally self-contained skeleton archer spawner right next to the village which blows up the game eventually if players don't clean it out often enough.

In the end however what makes a village seed really good is when it's what a player wants. Someday someone might be craving a village by a mesa and a taiga, or just a really big plains village. When cravings like this happen, awesome village seed lists like this one are a great place to start.

The following seeds aren't in any particular order. All ten seeds are great, be sure to check them all out.

Minecraft NPC village seed #1: Naturally self-contained skeleton archer spawner village with multiple dungeons

Skeleton Archer dungeon spawner village seed Minecraft 1.8.1.png

This first village seed in the list is one that's really unique. Right at the spawn is a plains village by a desert seeds, savanna, swampland, and a lake. That's not all though, this awesome village seed has a skeleton archer spawner dungeon practically built into the village. Right outside is a hole in the ground that leads to a skeleton archer dungeon that's pretty closed in. The skeletons can spawn in the area but they cannot escape. Without maintenance (killing them) the game will eventually freeze and explode while staying in the cool plains village.

According to the comments on the [YouTube video] for this one, there are even more dungeons than this. There are at least three dungeons nearby to the village, which means that with high enough block render distance players games will crash from the number of spawned enemies in a very short amount of time. This is one of the most dangerous Minecraft 1.8.1 village seeds for CPU's because it can easily crash the game.

Between all three dungeons, the village, and the different biomes are this convergence, this is one of the best Minecraft 1.8.1 village seeds. There are plenty of seeds that are better than this one, depending on preferences. The one below is pretty amazing too.

Minecraft NPC village seed #2: Three villages seed by extreme hills

Triple village seed extreme hills Minecraft 1.8.1 villages seeds.png

How's that for a village seed screenshot? The first of the three villages, pictured above, is right by the initial spawn in this awesome village seed. There are two more villages fairly nearby, and the other two are basically right next to each other.

The best part about this NPC village seed is the initial village. There are so many things to do with such an epic extreme hills biome by the village. The winding horse race track works perfectly with the floating islands and intense spires. This is truly a beautiful Minecraft 1.8.1 village. There's lava, water, caves, and more to find in this extreme hills village.

If this just isn't quite it though, there's plenty more. Check out the awesome village seed below.

Minecraft NPC village seed #3: Spawn at roofed forest village seed

Roofed Forest village seed forest on all sides Minecraft 1.8.1.png

This is an extremely rare forest village seed. There's a super small section of plains right out of the gate on this NPC village seed. This is just a tiny section of plains that happens to exist in the middle of a roofed forest. The odds of finding a village like this are extremely slim. On top of the rarity, the giant mushrooms make a great food source, along with the village pigs, and village cows.

Minecraft 1.8.1 has some great village seeds, and this one's definitely one of them. Roofed forests didn't exist before Minecraft 1.7, so this seed can only exist on more recent Minecraft versions anyway.

The roofed forest can become dangerous as night, and sometimes even during the day. Some kind of village defense is usually necessary in order for to thrive in this Minecraft 1.8.1 village seed. Luckily finding wood won't be a problem. The forests go on for a while and give nearly infinite wood to any Minecraft 1.8.1 survival mode player.

Be sure to check out the next NPC village seed 1.8.1 below:

Minecraft NPC village seed #4: Desert temple built into village seed with four diamonds

Desert temple built into village seed Minecraft 1.8.1 savanna river.png

How about a village seed with four diamonds, and a desert temple built right into the village? Right at the spawn of this cool village seed is a small desert village with the desert temple built right in. On top of that it has a river running through the middle of the village.

There's a savanna biome on the side with the desert temple, and as for the village seed side, there's a forest off in the distance by some water. There's another desert temple way out in the desert, but it doesn't have any more diamonds to get. The first temple within the village is the best one.

Not enough? Try this next 1.8.1 NPC village seed below.

Minecraft NPC village seed #5: Tundra village by mega taiga and stronghold

Tundra village seed by stronghold and extreme hills Minecraft 1.8.1.png

This village seed starts players off in a mega taiga right next to a strange hill feature which leads into a village. This village has a giant hole in it which leads to caves. There's a stronghold over in the mountains, about a hundred blocks below ground. See the individual seed page for coordinates.

The taiga extreme hills biome extends for ages on this Minecraft 1.8.1 seed. There Other than that there's also a body of water right near the village to explore, aside from all the other cool village features.

This next one's a really good village seed, check be sure to check it out.

Minecraft NPC village seed #6: Perfect giant plains village seed at spawn

Perfect big plains village seed Minecraft 1.8.1.png

Really this is one of the best Minecraft 1.8.1 village seeds because it's so generic and big. This village feels like exactly what most Minecraft players want out of a first time village, it's plain and simple just like people want.

There's forest / plains all around, rivers, lakes, taiga, and more. This village seed 1.8.1 has some of the most generic terrain out of all the seeds and feels pleasant to the eyes. This is the perfect village for expansion, increasing the number of houses and villagers is a blast.

The next villages are great too, check out this next village seed.

Minecraft NPC village seed #7: Five diamond village with buried desert temple built in

Five diamond village seed buried temple built in Minecraft 1.8.1 seeds.png

How's that for an interesting village seed? The village is right by the spawn coordinates and the desert temple is buried right beside the village like in the picture. There are savanna, desert, and plains biomes immediately nearby.

There are probably other biomes too, and the five diamonds are great. Off on a nearby cliff is the start to a mine if players want to go there to start using that diamond pickaxe. The caves below the village are really neat, be sure to explore it all. There are even animals nearby for food.

More great Minecraft villages below, be sure to check them out.

Minecraft NPC village seed #8: Savanna horse taming village at spawn

Horse taming saddle village seed Minecraft 1.8.1 at spawn.png

Like horses? How about a village seed at the spawn with a saddle in the blacksmith? Better yet is that there are natural horse spawns nearby in the plains.

There's much more than meets the eye on this village however. There are so many caves riddled throughout the nearby savanna hills. This village is really neat, it's spawns back in an alcove between all the savanna hills. There are plains, rivers, and more nearby, but the nearby hills are the best village seed feature.

Finding resources is no trouble at all at this savanna village. There are so many caves with resources nearby. The best part however is the saddle and horses so players can gallop around the countryside and find more to explore.

The next NPC village seed is pretty great too, only two more to go.

Minecraft NPC village seed #9: lonely hermit village in the middle of nowhere

Single house village seed Minecraft 1.8.1.png

How's this for unique? More like desolate. This lonely hermit village seed puts players over one thousand blocks away from a savanna village that's hardly worth the travel. This seed is on the list because of the comedy of having a single house, single farm, single well village so far away from the spawn.

Really this probably isn't a good village seed for Minecraft 1.8.1 but it's really funny. There's only one villager, so on survival this village cannot even be expanded either.

There's something magical about having such a lonely small village seed to find though. On top of that there's some cool underground springs in the hills nearby, and plenty of other cool things to find in the nearby Minecraft 1.8.1 biomes.

Next up is the last and final Minecraft 1.8.1 NPC village seed, be sure to check it out.

Minecraft NPC village seed #10: Giant plains village with horses all around

Giant village seed with horses and forests Minecraft 1.8.1.png

This final Minecraft 1.8.1 village seed is a beautiful one. There's a village around 100 blocks away from the initial spawn coordinates. This big plains village has several houses.

Other than that there are horses nearby, but no immediate saddle to grab. There's surely a saddle somewhere nearby, but it has yet to be found.

There are forests nearby, lakes, rivers, taiga hills, swampland and more in this village seed. With the help of horses this could be a really fun Minecraft village seed to explore.

Village seeds for other Minecraft versions

Usually any Minecraft seed after 1.7 will work on any other Minecraft version after 1.7. The only major difference is that on Minecraft 1.7 ocean monuments cannon spawn, they can only exist on Minecraft 1.8 and above.

The sidebar on the left has links to all the rest of the seeds on this Minecraft wiki. The main page to check out would be the Minecraft village seed page because it has the rest of the NPC village seeds between all versions 1.7 and above.

Minecraft Village Seed list 1.8.2

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