Minecraft 1.7.10 desert village seed with suicidal villagers

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Minecraft village seed in desert by plains and buried desert temple make fun Minecraft seed.jpg

There's not much time upon discovery to save these villagers... from themselves! Try this fun Minecraft village seed for version 1.7+, it should be compatible. The villagers may not slowly kill themselves on some versions.

Long story short, there's a desert village out there in this Minecraft world seed with a small cliff by a village house. The Minecraft villagers crowd around this cliff until they accidentally push each other off of the ledge and take damage. After enough fall damage, the villagers in this desert seed finally end up dieing. In order to save them some kind of action must be taken!

Seed: 6671894640346020928

The village can be found at X80 by Z200. It's really a quaint little village other than the suicidal villager rituals of this Minecraft seed.