Minecraft 1.5.2 island seed paradise with dangerous pitfalls

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Minecraft 1.5.2 island seed paradise with dangerous pitfalls.jpg

This one of the great 1.5.2 Minecraft seeds for island paradises. This is a really fun island seed to play around with. There are a few trees, some cool mountains, a bay, and dangerous pitfalls all over the island. Some of the pitfalls go down for so many blocks that the fall damage might just kill someone by itself.

The seed is: 1031903499148055313

This is really cool having a big island seed like this one. There are a bunch of trees, but only on the one side. There are some hills on the other side, which are rare to find on an island. There's a bay or two in various places that could be turned into a port. On top of all of that the island isn't too far off from the shore, which makes living there optional. This isn't one of those isolated islands, this is an easy 1.5.2 Minecraft survival island seed.