Minecraft 1.12.1 flower forest village seed in valley

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Minecraft 1.12.1 flower village seed with a valley.jpg

Here's a really neat Minecraft seeds for 1.12.1 with flowers everywhere and a ravine in the middle of the village. This Minecraft 1.12.1 village seed starts players relatively near a village that has flowers all around it.

The seed is: -8199580600803080972

This Minecraft village seed has a ton of flower forest areas right around it. There's also a blacksmith in the village. This blacksmith has some iron armor and a saddle. The saddle is a fantastic starting item for anyone wanting to tame some horses, provided they can be found around this village.

This is a really interesting Minecraft 1.12.1 seed. On this world players get a pretty unique village and some interesting surroundings. There's a lot of potential on this awesome 1.12.1 seed for Minecraft.