Minecraft 1.12.1 big village seed with floating island over lake

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Minecraft 1.12.1 big village seed with floating lake island.jpg

This is a really unique Minecraft 1.12.1 village seed where players start right next to a large village. The most interesting part about this village is that there's a lake right nearby with an island that's floating up in the sky. It looks very interesting, as if it was meant to be there.

The seed is: 112557422224888810

The floating island in the sky is super awesome. This is a really funny Minecraft seed. It would be fun to expand the village up to the island with some kind of staircase to reach it. It's a great lookout to the surrounding area.

Minecraft 1.12.1 village seeds like this are hard to come by. This one's a very well rounded and fun to mess with Minecraft village seed that's great for building and has a lot of creative potential.