Minecraft 1.11 llama seed by cool forest village

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Minecraft 1.11 forest village llama seed.jpg

This is one of the new Minecraft 1.11 llama seeds. Players start a couple hundred blocks away from a Minecraft village seed with a ton of llamas. There are enough llamas to make a massive Minecraft caravan. There's also the awesome village right down the hill from all the llamas.

The seed is: -8178686061517450808

The 1.11 llama village can be found at 330X -150Z. There's a lot of Minecraft 1.11 roofed forest nearby as well. Unfortunately there's no woodland mansions, supposedly they're extremely rare.

There are also some sheep up the hill which can be used to make a bed in the village. This awesome Minecraft 1.11 seed is really cool overall. There's plenty to explore and the village is really fun. Definitely a fun Minecraft seed.